Hello, hello

I used to write about my daily musings in an online journal and because it was mostly personal stuff, I kept it private and opened to invited readers only (read: my sister, then-boyfriend-now-husband, etc). 

Why start a new blog and how is this different from that dear diary of yours? You might ask.

Well, this is going to sound very lame. But my life literally changed when I met my husband and that first date led to my evolution to a foodie.vainpot.wife.

Foodie: I used to be rather narrow-minded when it came to food. I was happy with a main course for a meal, and like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I didn’t like to share food. That plateful of something was singularly my territory and nobody else’s. It was also a mere composition of food groups, that served the (almost) sole purpose of banishing hunger pangs. In other words, I was a boring, primitive-caveman kind of diner. Then, I met my husband, M. Dates with him were baffling and slightly upsetting to my system at the start. There was always a myriad of appetisers and main courses to share, and there was plenty of food-whoring, you know, picking on each other’s plates. It was really quite an unusual and almost allergic experience for me, but I’m glad I’ve acquired a taste for that. I like to think that love makes me appreciate the sights and smells of everything even more, and I like to think that the apprentice in me has surpassed my master, M. The evidence is in my jelly belly, and a persistent effort in chomping down monstrous amounts of food despite my vanity. He currently likes to recall how I stare incredulously at him and say ‘I want everything’ whenever he asks me what I want for dinner, so you see, the master concedes. I have since documented our culinary adventures in our kitchen and when we are out and about; it seems like a waste of pixels to not share these with everyone, and an online journal seems a pretty good way of reminding me (someone with goldfish memory) of the good stuff we’ve created/had over the years.

Vainpot: I was such a slob and I adored plain clothes. I was almost always clad in plain unfashionable garments. When I was in primary school, baby tees and flared jeans were all the rage but I opted for baggy Minnie Mouse tees with checkered culottes. In secondary school, my hair was so gross and short owing to strict school rules, I feel that I shouldn’t exist and so fashion never came to mind. In junior college, I thought it was acceptable to wear a denim dress – not cool. In university, I couldn’t tell Gucci from that spelled with a C. I didn’t know what primers, loose powders and concealers were and ‘what are those spidery feathery things coming out of your eyes?!’. I wasn’t as informed as other girls my age, on how to look nice. I had my vain moments though. For instance, I plucked my eyebrows and lied (badly) to my mum that they simply fell off  following a ‘what-have-you-done-you’re-too-young-to-do-this’ interrogation. But I was mostly clueless. Case-in-point: My wardrobe was about as unvaried as Superman’s. I didn’t have much choice from my acute lack of fashion sense. M never had an issue with that. He’s a chin chai kind of guy who could never tell if I were wearing a new pair of earrings or cut my hair. So, I knew that I must have been a disaster when he looked at me one day after my baby sister forced me into a sleeveless blouse and white shorts (nothing much to most ladies, but it was a revolutionary change from what I used to wear), and he said ‘you look nice today’. That was all it took for me to beg my sister to give me a fashion makeover. Hours of online shopping later, my wardrobe was salvaged. I threw out some stuff, welcomed some new outfits and never looked back. And make-up? I bought a small arsenal of stuff to paint my face for prom in junior college because I couldn’t afford to and didn’t trust that anyone could make my nondescript features beautiful. I stopped using the cosmetics for a while after that because I didn’t know how to apply anything at all! I merely kept my eyebrows nice and neat when I attended classes in university and for my first date with M, I made a little effort to put on some chalky foundation. At about the same time as the fashion makeover, I started paying more attention to make-up and educated myself with the help of good ol’ girly magazines. Then the war paint in my cosmetics bag began to make sense. Many people commented that I looked radiant when I went out with M. Let’s just say, a lot of it was make-up, I wanted to put in effort to look better for M. The funny thing is, he still prefers me without makeup, all blotchy and blurry-eyed when I wake up in the morning, and the reason why I remain slightly obsessed with my face is part vanity and part insecurity, what with friends who look effortlessly beautiful. It can get frustrating to find the right product that works for me and it is hard when I don’t have that much cash to splurge on new products every so often. I relied heavily on friends’ advice, and scouring the internet for reviews, and with that, I’ve found some stuff that I like and that work for my annoying skin type, so hopefully by sharing my trial-and-errors, I could help make someone’s day.

Wife: Now now now…I’ve been married to the man of my dreams, the man who kickstarted the evolution, for more than six months but we’ve been together for almost five years now and  I love him more everyday. M has shaped me to who I am today, he has brought out the best in me, not even just in the literal sense of my food and fashion choices. We share special moments and memories in new forays and places, and everyday we’re moulding a big life experience that we call our own. I want to do a proper tribute to this and maybe by sharing snippets of our lives, I can help make happy memories for others too.

So these are some of the reasons as to why this blog exists, aside from the unglamourous fact that I am also absolutely bored and brimming with negativity with the PhD hell I’m currently going through in London. This seems like a good way of channeling that negativity and turning it into something constructive, enjoyable and generally h-a-p-p-y. 

I am unabashedly a pleasure monger and to fellow hedonists out there, cheers to unearthing life’s treasures. xx

18 thoughts on “Hello, hello

  1. Friend-of-Apathy

    I ran across this beautiful blog of yours and I just want to say hi and good luck on your quest of happiness. All the best…

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      thank you so much, friend-of-apathy! i never had anyone tell me that my blog is beautiful, this is a first, and it means sooooo much to me, because I put a crazy amount of effort to design the photos etc. and thanks for the luck on finding happiness, will need it! all the best to you too =)

  2. Friend-of-Apathy

    This is clear that you put so much effort in your posts. I read some of them with a smile on my face:) I love foods and eating delicious of them like there is no tomorrow:) BTW I didn’t know that there is so much japaneses cousine eating house in london.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      i’m glad what I wrote made you smile! It’s a wonderful feeling to write, let my thoughts out, cherish the good things I’ve encountered, it’s another to make another person happy when they read my thoughts. Are you based in London? There are a couple, just got to dig in and wrestle them out one by one…lol. I have a couple more to recommend, lots of drafts sitting in my blog!

  3. Friend-of-Apathy

    Sadly no I am not from London because there is very few place that serve asian cousine in my country, Turkey. BTW I hope you can excuse my english mistakes. I am not goot at it but still learning:)

  4. lilylmg

    Dear Pleasure Monger,

    Wow, stumbled across your blog from the San Sebastian postings. Holy! I’ve been on it reading for almost an hour now. I think your descriptions of Spain, albeit San Sebastian (a place I have yet to visit), are spot on.. and scrumptious! Thanks for your delicious writing and sharing your wonderfully romantic worldview with me. I’m an American – transplanted to Vancouver since 2005 – who’s recently moved to Vigo, Galicia Spain. I’ll be here for almost a year for work, and although I’m only on my 3rd week, I’ve been an avid adorer of Spain for a while now. The food, language, and daily rhythms are the top causes of this. I’m lucky to be in love with a man, who by coincidence is from a city near to where I am now, although he is currently completing a masters degree in Vancouver. For our holiday adventures I am now inspired to whisk us away to San Sebastian so we can truly indulge our joy of life, love and food! Thanks again and I hope to keep up on your food travels. Are you returning to Spain any time soon? Think Galicia – seafood galore!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi lilylmg, I am SO envious of you!! You are able to live, eat and breathe Spain!! We love Spain and the people so much, we want to return to soon, we’re thinking lots of places, and yes Galicia sounds amazing and has to be added to our growing list now! Please do drop by San Sebastian, it is AMAZING! Looking forward to hearing from you on your travel stories =)

  5. Theresa

    Dear Rachel

    So happy that you are so blessed to meet your soul mate and doing so well in your PHD.

    I hope that my eldest daughter will one day meet her soul mate too.

    Currently, she is in Singapore with my second son while me and my husband and youngest daughter are in the US due to my husband work’s 2 yrs work stint.

    It so good and happy to read your interesting blog.

    Best Wishes

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Dear Theresa,

      Thank you so much for your words! I’ve already finished my PhD recently and am embarking on a new stage in my life. How’s everything in the US? I hope you’re having a nice time!

  6. Corsage @ A Dollop Of Me

    I think this is the second time this week I’ve popped by your site and just had to leave a note. I am so taken by this post – especially about your transformation into a foodie! I too used to be happy with just a main course as a meal. I never even ordered desserts! Things changed too when I met my man, although my ‘transformation’ is no where near the wonderfulness of yours 🙂 I still am a terrible cook and baker although I do very much appreciate food and the presentation of it. The stuff you make look truly gorgeous!

  7. Tiffany

    Hi Rachel,

    I just wanted to leave a comment as I’m really impressed by your bakes, your photography and I love the way you write. Hope things are going well for you over in London! All the best 🙂


    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Tiffany: Thank you so much! Your compliment really makes my day =). Everything’s going well (generally), weather isn’t so good today (rained 8 times already?!), but oh well, I think the sun’s gonna come back =). Take care, wherever you are!

  8. Nise en Scène

    Awesome, awesome food pictures! It’s not dinnertime but you make me hungry. Great blog… Keep the posts coming! And hope you are doing well in London 🙂


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