Chinese New Year – Our Way

CNY 2010 - our way

We woke up early on Chinese New Year’s Eve to do a massive spring clean, which was waaaayy overdue. Five hours later, the house was spick and span, and minor decorations were up in time for reunion dinner. We then went out to get some groceries, and took a walk down Chinatown at Gerrard Street for a bit of CNY buzz.

We had a hotpot reunion dinner at our place that night and invited four of our friends to join us. It was a shame that only two could make it, leaving me the only girl eating in silence most of the time =(. Food was great company though, okay okay, and so were the boys.

Hotpot is a really big thing with our close-knit group of friends and M and I were elevated to the ranks of hotpot connoisseurs thanks to our hotpot-savvy friends. Some staples of our hotpot sessions? Heaps and heaps of thinly sliced, well-marbled pork belly and beef, a dipping sauce concoction made up of raw eggs, Chinese Sha Cha Jiang and sesame sauce, and a ferociously hungry pack of humans.

Our parents also sent some yu sheng sauce and crackers to us from Peach Garden in Singapore. So we decided to whip up our very own yu sheng at home to surprise our guests. We were also gifted some nian gao, and I swear I was in heaven when I tasted the fried nian gao that M made. Crispy and slightly salty on the outside, all gooey, sticky and sweet on the inside. Yum. Please pardon me for harping on these, because I haven’t had easy access to yu sheng and nian gao in years!

I wasn’t performing too well on the eat-o-meter during the hotpot, perhaps because I overdosed on the yu sheng and nian gao. We ended off the night at 3am with two rounds of monopoly which left me bankrupt on both instances. What a way to start the new year. Nonetheless, we had a fun and cosy night, as good as it gets during CNY in London.

Happy Chinese New Year from both of us!

Happy Chinese New Year to all, from both of us.

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5 thoughts on “Chinese New Year – Our Way

  1. David

    if u lose during the new year, u’re losing all ur bad luck, its a good thing!
    Not like Morrison and Ken who kept winning.. lol

  2. Mr. T!

    Harlow my dearest Londonites, Happy CNY to you two! You are severely missed back in Singapore. This is my very first (I swear) comment I have left on a blog! Normally, I’m snooping incognito, but hell I couldn’t resist to leave a message what with you two wearing identical Arsenal jerseys and Arsenal having lost to Porto 2-1. Gee, couldn’t resist taking a jibe.

    You guys din pick a second show! And CH, the trick to Monopoly winning is to pick the Hat! Most people pick the boot or the car and that is sure as hell failure. Try the Hat and win in future!

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Mr T! So nice to see you here, we miss you guys too!! It’s getting so lonely here, you guys have to come and visit AGAIN and SOON! Hey hey hey, that was our CNY outfits ok, the only red shirt I have no less…lol. There’s still the home game!!!

      We don’t have a hat on our version, I used to win win win at Monopoly, well that was a year ago. We will pick a second show soon and let you know, thanks for that again!

      Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too, and say hello to Miss B on ,my behalf!!

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