Personalising Wall Art

From this

Before room makeover
To this

After room makeover

We finally received our wedding photos from our photographer in early January.  I have always wanted to have our wedding photo printed on canvas, to replace the orchid canvases we purchased from Portobello Market two and a half years ago at ten quid per piece. Project Wedding Canvas began with a search on the internet for reliable and affordable canvas printers in UK. There were too many to choose from, although price was a good parameter to look at if you want to narrow down the vendors to an easy selection. I chose canvas4life for a number of reasons.

1. I had a look at the size of our chosen wedding image and determined the proportions to be 2: 3 (width:height). canvas4life, unlike several other printers, was able to print out canvases of this ratio and they did it in the exact dimensions that I wanted (20cm by 30cm which is perfect for our bedroom).

2. I paid about 60 quid for it, which is great for our budget.

3. They deliver in 2-3 working days from the day of order, all the better since I wanted to get it done before CNY, fast!

4. Before you confirm the order, they have a software that allows you to determine the depth of the canvas and the bleed of the image (whether image is wrapped around the canvas scaffold or not). I have gone for the 3/4 inch depth and bleed as well, which suits our wedding photo perfectly without cutting off people’s arms, heads, legs and without disrupting the intended proportions of the photo. With a preview software like this, I wasn’t afraid to try out all sorts of sizes, depths and bleed/no bleed before deciding on the final product I wanted.

5. They offer a free image quality checker too, which helps determine if the resolution of the original picture is sufficient to produce a good quality canvas image.

From parcel to wall

So there you go, after placing the order, I received it in 2-3 working days as promised, unravelled the kilometres of bubble wrap around the canvas, put it up on two trusty 3M removeable hooks. No drilling, no heavy frames to deal with, and a museum feel to the wall. I am officially a fan and would love to do up more images on canvas if not for the fact that all my other empty walls have radiators attached (canvases do not like heat)!


4 thoughts on “Personalising Wall Art

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hello miss ene! Thanks for visiting my blog, yeah, 60 quid is still pretty expensive, but I think with the exchange rate and the price range offered by other companies, this is the cheapest. so far so good, the canvas is still up on the wall, no fading, no bleeding, yay! Yeah, 3M hooks are the way to go, I refuse to drill anything after drilling holes to do up our curtains here, it was a complete nightmare!!
      Why don’t you do a series of 9 small prints, like arrange them in a 3 by 3 configuration, I wanted to do that but we have heaters installed on the empty walls, and canvas prints melt with the heat!

  1. miss ene

    The 3×3 idea sounds good. Our apartment is pretty small so we actually need a rather big wall for it! Maybe for future consideration (i.e. if and when we have a bigger house!)


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