My Life: From the Geniuses at PhD Comics

My life elegantly summarised by PhD Comics

My life plotted on a graph and elegantly summarised by the good people at PhD Comics.

I was first introduced to PhD Comics by my wonderful ex-labbie, R, when I was on the brink of insanity, right about 10% into my PhD. I’ve never looked back since. If I am having a bad day at work, and I remember to browse through PhD Comics to comfort myself, these stories never fail to make me laugh, and sometimes cry at my situation. By the way, I’ve currently and quite frequently scrapped makeup/contacts off my morning routine. I don’t usually comb my hair anymore if I’m going to work, I just tie those twigs up and keep them from scaring the wits out of people. The vainpot, or more accurately civilised human, in me however, will not allow any other parts of the morning routine to be made obsolete. That is just plain disgusting, and we scientists are not, ok!!!

2 thoughts on “My Life: From the Geniuses at PhD Comics

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      lol, i was so pressured to wear makeup at the start of my PhD because there are such good-looking girls in my lab (hell, they even wear skirts and dresses and heels to work), i felt like so ungroomed next to them, and now i just can’t be bothered!


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