It’s Not My Fault That I Love Shopping

Shoe shopping

One of the perks of living in London is being right smack in the middle of fabulous sales, and I mean fabulous.

I have never been a fan of sales for a number of reasons. There are too many shoppers or more accurately hunters, too few items that are actually current and in my size, and it is simply too hot and humid in Singapore to join the crowds for a good bargain. Maybe I just wasn’t aggressive enough to go home with a good harvest. To put it succinctly, I hated sales.

Moving to London and having easy access to an incredible variety of international brands and of course, the post-Christmas sales changed my mind. Yes, Oxford Street is still busy as hell, tube-ing to Selfridges is almost impossible with an insane number of people tucked into a few miserable trains that are actually working, and parking is a real (expensive) bitch. Thankfully, our shopping woes are allayed with the opening of Westfield in west London, an equivalent, if not larger version of Vivocity that carries almost every high street and luxury brand that you can ask for. Indoor shopping and large spaces are perfect for me; I don’t like to jostle with crowds in the wet and cold. Parking is way cheaper than in Oxford Street which is superb news for us. The only downside is that this sort of shopping experience lacks the charm of boutique-hopping, but let’s face it, the charm only happens when good weather decides to make its rare appearance in UK.

After spending Christmas in New York, the only thing I wanted to do was to prolong my retail therapy here in London. I bought plenty of things that are still in season at a teeny fraction of the price, such as these yummy shoes. It was almost like someone was paying me to shop.

Top of picture: Purple heels from Deichmann (a rather unsightly shop but if you pop in frequently, you’re bound to find a gorgeous pair of pretties during one of your visits) for only 10 pounds.

Bottom: Black heel boots with zipper detail from Dune for only 30 quid, down from 100 pounds. I love this pair to bits.

Visit London during the sales periods, this sort of retail therapy is a guaranteed cure for any sort of blues.


5 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I Love Shopping

  1. Miss Glitzy

    Heyo! Cool blog, babe 🙂

    Yes i went crazy shopping in NYC too… got sick of shopping at Woodbury, can you believe it? Your purple heels look great.. remind me of Jimmy Choo for H&M.. but I think the Jimmy Choos were more like stilts, yours seem more comfy.

    1. rachelloh Post author

      Heylo, thanks babe! Oh my gosh, what have I missed at Woodbury, I didn’t venture out of Barney’s, Macy’s, Bergorf Goodman and Saks!! I’m determined to pop by NYC again. Yes these are more comfy, I look stupid in stilettos because I careen dangerously in them if the heel is too high, the best part of all this is comfort at a fantastic price! =)

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