Dominic Wilcox Thinks Out Of The Box

I was tube-ing home this evening and grabbed my regular free copy of newspaper. A picture of a two-way toothpaste caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to come home to check out the artist responsible for such a refreshing take on the age-old ‘I squeeze from the bottom/I squeeze from the middle’ tug of war.

Dominic Wilcox's Two-way Toothpaste

The artist is none other than Dominic Wilcox. He thinks out of the box and breathes life and wit into things/situations we encounter everyday, such as this – how to make a less messy affair out of eating chocolate-coated biscuits.

Dominic Wilcox's Guide to Chocolate-Free Fingers

He also takes (almost) practical digs at level fringes and eyelash extensions.

Dominic Wilcox's take on Lady Gaga's Accessories

And in collaboration with others, he designed a building full of rooms to lose one’s virginity in (click on image and  then zoom in to read the descriptions).

Dominic Wilcox's Virginity World

I love his work and if you do, check out his website and blog, aptly named Variations On Normal for an enjoyable read.

P/S: My challenge for Dominic Wilcox? Toilet seat – up and down please. If he succeeds in designing an answer, most domestic wars will cease to exist.

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