NYC Cheap Eats: Shake Shack

We visited New York City over Christmas last year and true to our gluttony nature, we carefully planned an itinerary revolved around food. With recommendations from friends and endless scouring of the always prolific internet, our culinary adventure in NYC proved to be amazing.

One of the recommendations that I scooped off some food blogs was Shake Shack, which serves up some of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten at fast-food price. There are some eats that are so good that I want to keep them a secret all to myself, lest the good people and hungry demands cause unnecessary sprouting of chains that serve up escalating disappointment instead of good ol’ tasty food. But this, oh this, has got to be shared. It’s too good. I don’t usually lust after burgers, but this made me a Shack Fan. I have newfound respect for a well-made burger and I will never visit other burger chains if I could help it.

Drool-worthy fast food at Shake Shack

Top left: Double ShackBurger
Top right: Cheese Fries
Bottom left: The delicious menu
Bottom right: Shack Stack (a Cheese Burger with crisp-fried portobello filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese = what I call in layman terms, a delightful explosion of cheesy mushroom goodness in your mouth)

These are must-tries along with the thicker-than-thick peanut butter hand-spun frozen custard. Trust me, everything is worth the calories and the expanding tummy, and it won’t even hurt your pocket.

Updated: There are three branches in NYC, we visited the Upper West Side branch which has a dine-in area. Its location makes it perfect for you to grab a satisfying lunch before popping over to American Museum of Natural History or Central Park for a leisurely afternoon.

Address: 366 Columbus Ave at 77th St
Opening hours: 10.45am – 11.00pm

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