Peel-Me-Off-If-You-Can Challenge On Your Wedding Night

You know that fashion has no boundaries when Kim West decides to make a wedding dress out of latex.

Kim West latex wedding dress

Yes yes, I know that lingerie and dresses have been made of latex with nary a gasp. Call me a boring ol’ fart but making a wedding dress out of rubber seems to take it to another level and is certainly more hair-raising than brow-raising.

Kim West latex wedding dress

Kim West latex wedding dress

There is nothing wrong with the designs of these dresses; they come in halternecks, with crystal embellishments, pretty bows and they show beautiful silhouettes of women (assuming they hold bulges and love handles in or if these women have irritatingly perfect figures….). I could be clueless but I wonder how comfortable latex could be on a day that a bride is pressured to hold everything in and look her best whilst running around to meet-and-greet. I can almost imagine the bride squeaking ‘wu-ngek, wu-ngek, wu-ngek’ as she walks down the aisle and squelching on the dance floor thanks to a mix of perspiration, sticky thighs and clingy latex in a tropical climate.

That’s not the end of it. Imagine the difficulties and exasperated growls as the husband tries to peel the latex off his new bride after she spends a long, perspiration-filled day in the dress. That should redefine ‘blushing brides’ and ‘hot and heavy’ bedroom activities for newlyweds.

I’m happy with the dress that I picked for my wedding day and yes I am a traditional bride when it comes to the pouffy white dress. Would you be adventurous and opt for a sexy, body-hugging latex wedding gown?

Images taken from Pitch Engine.

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