How To Find Joy When He Plays Games

There are times when my husband gives me undivided attention, and there are times when he plainly ignores me. The latter happens in either of two situations – when he’s watching football or playing PS3/FM on his laptop. Both situations are not a lot of fun for me. I sit there and ask him a question, he runs in serious lag mode and replies a good five minutes later with an irritatingly distracted ‘Huh?‘.

That’s all you can come up with after five minutes?!

He bought a new PS3 game online early last week (by the way that’s the kind of online shopping that guys love), and to his delight, it arrived on Thursday. This invariably meant that I was going to be ignored. Whatever happened to Thursday-is-the-new-Friday? Bleah.

So he switched PS3 on, and perched on the edge of the sofa, clutched his controller in both hands and waited eagerly for the game to load up with a silly grin on his face. I swore his eyes were glazed over. I stared (note: not glared) at him with amusement and asked him why he was smiling.


It was one of those times again. I resigned myself to fate and attempted to watch him play. I do get excited about games sometimes, but only if they are in the likes of The Simpsons on PS3 or time management ones on my laptop (Cake Mania, Diner Dash, Hospital Hustle yada yada). The game he bought was very much an RPG one, so I wasn’t optimistic.

I turned my eyes to our TV reluctantly, and lo and behold, there was a hot guy staring back at me! My husband was just getting started on the interface that personalises the main character, and guess what, you can customise almost anything – nose shape, hair colour, neck width, gap between his eyes, tattoos, height of his eyes relative to his brow bone, shape of eyebrows, size of the ears and even his complexion and skin tone!

Dragon Age Origins 1

You can also personalise his voice…there was one that spoke in a posh British accent, another rugged one that hints of a devil-may-care attitude…ooooh, plenty of choices!

Dragon Age Origins 2

I was eagerly giving my input for the first time in his game sessions and I think I was almost as excited as he was. You know that the game has made an impression on me when I actually recall the game title – Dragon Age Origins.

Guys, buy this if you want to get your girls to agree with your gaming activities.



13 thoughts on “How To Find Joy When He Plays Games

  1. wordsweneversaid


    Ok – ya…

    It really DOES make a difference.
    (not that we would ever tell our men that we notice that THEY might ALSO notice what we find attractive in a character…)

    The one you are showing here pretty well does it for me.

    Did you say ‘posh British accent’…?
    Can you mix that somehow with the ‘devil-may-care attitude’?
    (Just – um – wondering and all…)



    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Heya, thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, this one is pretty hot, I had a quick check yesterday when he was playing (AGAIN) and I THINK the ‘devil-may-care’ voice was done in a British accent as well!!

  2. Quee

    Hey Rach…

    LOL… I played DAO too.. it’s a GREAT GAME.. Love it hahahaha…. and yes.. Guys do space out when they get “into” the game.. something non-gaming wives will never understand.. funny how you love the character creation…. Coz back when I was playing World of Warcraft… PW loved only the character creation portion… hated everything else =P


    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hey Quee! I conclude that it’s all about packaging and selling games to non-gaming wives. It actually works but like you said, only for the first part, unless he doesn’t mind creating (hot) characters after (hot) characters…..Btw, can you personalise in such detail in World of Warcraft too?

  3. Quee

    Hahah not as much as DAO.. I think that one really takes it for ultimate personalisation… And yeah.. I think wives are only enthralled during that customisation session… akin to dressing up which is something that you can relate to haha… but once the hacking and slashing kicks in… all interest is lost! btw there are some hot and steamy love scenes in DAO… there is even a kinky threesome if played right LOL…

  4. Quee

    Lol no kidding… Main characters can get romantically involved with sub-characters… whatever you do changes the ending of the game.. so yeah.. and they even have girl on girl action or boy on boy… LOL… gotta figure who swings both ways! =) I can’t believe we’re having this conversation… ok.. time to sleep here in SG… check ur reply later! night!

  5. Quee

    Hmmm I think in terms of slut appeal.. Duke Nukem is still worse.. DAO is more good clean romance albeit with a little twist… I’m amazed though… that you even know about duke nukem… that’s like a really old game!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      hahahaha, yeah that was my first gun-wielding game! watched my brother play it and i wanted to have a hand in it as well, it must have been shortly after the floppy disk days, i can’t remember!

  6. Quee

    Yeah pretty much that era… The good old days of pixelated scantily-clad women, where a simple press of the spacebar makes her pull her bikini top off lol… DAO has come a long way since then lol… remember to ask M to let you see it before he clicks… you only get to see it once ahhaha..

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      hahaha morri and i just took a look again and it’s true! i reckon it’s the lower half of the face. morri says that he was trying to model his character after a good-looking person like dap! hehe


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