Wedding Planning Part 6: Look The Part With Cedric from Bridal Veil

I have a serious aversion to having another person apply make-up on me. It stemmed from two horrible sessions that I had when I was barely an adult, both of which left me looking like a Chinese opera singer (whiter than white powder, garish red lipstick, tattoo-like eyebrows). It didn’t help that I had and still have ugly eyes, for this, I pitied the make-up artists because it is an almost impossible job to work magic on my peepers.

That aversion left me wary and skeptical of my first trial session with Cedric from Bridal Veil. No one has made me over in almost eight years, and I was reluctant to break the spell. I had no choice but to grin and bear it, because a) I couldn’t possibly do my makeup and hair on my wedding day, b) the makeup/hair sessions came with Bridal Veil’s package anyway.

I went to Bridal Veil without make-up on our second appointment, all red, blotchy and blah, in preparation for the trial session. I didn’t feel good. I was a little grumpy and was completely dreading the session. In fact I felt a little sick in my stomach.

Actual day make-up

French twist with white eustomas for tea ceremony

Day Bridal Hair

Curled up-do with white eustomas for solemnisation

Solemnisation hairstyle

Cedric kickstarted the session by telling me that he wasn’t going for the entire works for the trial; the trial session was meant to give me an idea of the makeup and hairstyle that might work on me. Cedric then asked about the looks that I preferred. which were very much in line with the style of Bridal Veil (birds of the same feathers flock together!) and proceeded to work on me. He also took a closer look at  my skin and told me to take note of the skin on my cheeks, because they were a tad dry. The session whizzed past and when Cedric was done, I was surprised. I looked like….me, no Chinese opera singer staring back from the mirror. I was relieved. I have to admit that the trial session left me satisfied, but not impressed. It was good enough for me, but it wasn’t out-of-this-world perfect. I was no longer worried about looking puke-worthy on our wedding day. But you know how people always say that a woman looks her best on her big day….I wasn’t sure if I were going to exemplify that saying based on the trial session. I kinda shrugged it off at first, as there were more pressing things on my mind. But once the big things were done, I found myself peering at reviews, articles etc on makeup artists and hairstylists. I asked around for prices and opinions, even did a trial makeup session with a freelance makeup artist, but I ended up looking like a tribal woman with mad hair and crazy eyes (my dad freaked out when he saw me) so I gave up. Why look for another problem to add to my growing list when there were ready sessions in the package? To maximise what I had with Bridal Veil, I decided to be diligent in searching for looks and styles in magazines and on the internet. I printed out tonnes of looks, asked my sister what she thought about them, decided on a few day and night looks and passed them to Cedric for his reference a week or two before the wedding.

Evening make-up

Evening Bridal Makeup

Curled shoulder-length style with mixed red florals for banquet

Evening Bridal Hairstyle

The actual sessions exceeded my expectations. I was surprised by my own verdict given that I wasn’t blown away from the trial session. I think the bridal looks turned out well for a number of reasons. The trial is after all a trial. It is done very briskly, much like an unpolished draft to offer an inkling of the actual styles. Brides are also usually more religious about skincare and sleep routines as the wedding draws nearer; I didn’t step up on skincare or made sure I had enough sleep, but I made radical (to me, at least…) changes to my diet. I tend to forget to drink water and anyone who knows me well enough knows that I hate fruits and vegetables. For the sake of my skin, I made sure I drank loads of water and ate more fruits in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Also, waking up happy lends much radiance to a bride. You know…involuntary smiles at silent thoughts of being addressed Mrs X really soon, laughter that comes from the inherent joy of your big day. I was Easter bunny happy for a non-morning person that I usually am. Endorphins are probably the best dermatological drugs!

I was really happy with what Cedric did. He was punctual for all three sessions. I was even late for two of these as I had to take a shower after running errands, yet he waited patiently and assured me that he would get me made up in no time and that I didn’t have to hurry. He was friendly, always engaging me in easy banter to calm my nerves. He constantly checked if I were happy with how the makeup and hair sessions were going, and even lent a helping hand when my sister and I had trouble with the big bulky dress. He made the sessions truly enjoyable, even though I absolutely abhor sitting still (each session lasted 1-1.5 hours, including changing time). My make-up and hair stood the test of time; the humidity and tears didn’t mess anything up. All I had to do were small touch-ups with a lip gloss that Cedric lent me before he left. I didn’t even have to blot my always-oily T-zone. He also made me look like I had eyes! Cedric’s easygoing personality and exceptional skills, and the quality products he used made for excellent sessions and zero break-outs.

To quote my dear friend, D, who was one of my bridesmaids, the best thing was I looked like me, but better! That is the whole point isn’t it? You don’t want your husband to be unable to recognise you, you want to look like you’re glowing naturally and not caked with makeup, and you certainly don’t want to be caught with skyscraper Marge Simpson hair. Pick Bridal Veil and leave your styling woes to Cedric, you will be in good hands.

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 6: Look The Part With Cedric from Bridal Veil

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  2. Valerie

    Hi Rachel, I got your URL link from the SG brides forum. Like you were, I’m currently a confused bride. I also did a trial make-up (not with Cedric but with Alicia) session and wasn’t wowed by the results. It was okay at best but no “wow” factor which is what all brides are looking for on their special day.

    Your story sounds like what I’m going through now- I also scoured the internet for other make-up artists and have appointments with them. I even requested for a re-trial with BV (Not Cedric as he is available on my day).

    Your make-up on your actual day looks really good by the way! I think your effort in looking for “looks” really paid off. And that is something I will be doing as well.

    My plan now is to go for the retrial with BV, go for another trial with an external make-up artist for comparison. If I do, however, decide to go with another make-up artist, I do wonder how “okay” Collin/ Michelle would be with that idea, given that they might see it as an insult. Any advice for me?

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Valerie!

      You’re right, it sounds exactly like the thing I went through! I think they should be fine with it (I mean I won’t go as far as to say that they will be happy that you’re going with someone else for makeup, but I don’t think they will be angry too), if you just state that you really like this other makeup artist’s style. But this may mean that you still have to pay for BV makeup (which is part of the package) and you can’t get a refund for that. If you’re ok with that, I would say just go ahead with what you like. I don’t know how Alicia works, whether she gives you a brief look during trial, and go the extra mile only on the actual day. I think most makeup artists do that, really. Because the trial takes a shorter time than the actual day makeup, and a trial is meant to give you an idea of what is minimum. At least that’s what Cedric did for me. You might want to ask on the BV forum about other brides’ experience with Alicia and see if anyone is willing to share their photos. The wow factor was I was looking for was also to look natural and not heavily padded on with makeup. For some reason, during the trial, I look caked up, but on the actual day, it was great. Do ask around the forum and check on your concerns! All the best =)

      1. Jas

        Hi (: I happened to view this entry when searching about info of Alicia for a friend. I hope it;s not too late judging that it’s er 9 months after u posted this! haha… I had her for my wedding dinner and predinner shoot. i loved it! (: let me know if u still want pics.. my sis got Cedric for her wedding but he wasn’t free so I got Alicia. I think they are both pretty awesome 😀

  3. Jean

    Hi Jas, I just signed up wth BV. Is it possible for you to share with me your pic? Am also considering if I should take up BV’s make up. Might swop that for additional shirt/suit for htb. Thanks!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Jean,

      I would suggest for you to have the free makeup trial with BV (I had one that came with the package) to see if the makeup style suits you? Have a chat with the BV people on your concerns, I’m sure they can offer some advice.

      Good luck!


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