Wedding Planning Part 7: Dress The Part With Love, Yu

My love affair with the Yu label began when I was looking for the perfect dress for our engagement soirées in 2007. We had two parties, one was a sit-down dinner with our immediate families at Si Chuan Dou Hua, and another was a  buffet dinner party for about 25 close friends at Tower Club. I needed a dress that befitted the special occasion and venues, a dress that would be comfortable enough to mingle and eat in, and of course a dress that I would look good in!

I pored over magazines and the Yu label caught my eye with its debut collection, featuring a gorgeous range of contemporary cocktail dresses. Hurray, no more kitsch prom dresses that have been done to death from that certain label! I made a trip down to Trixilini, one of Yu’s stockists to have a look at the yummy dresses. I tried on a few pieces, and fell in love with the Long Island dress. The only problem was it wasn’t red (at that time, I was concerned that our parents wouldn’t be pleased if my dress wasn’t in any shade of red), so I was hesitant in buying it and decided to make an appointment to see Ee-Lyn Tang, the designer of the Yu label, for other colour options.

Long Island dress from Yu

I’ve always been intimidated by designers, not that I ever met any prior to the Yu experience. I thought about the haughty boss played by Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. I thought about snooty people with big fat egos and outrageously bad tempers who would flick my noses if I said a wrong word. I was a little worried about that appointment, for no real reason as I soon discovered. Ee-Lyn was nothing like my stereotype on designers. She was friendly, assuring and soft-spoken; I sure didn’t get my nose flicked when I made requests that would elicit angry frowns in designers! We discussed about other colour options, but both Ee-Lyn and I loved the deep turquoise so much, I decided to risk incurring the wrath of elders and checked with our parents. Fortunately, they were perfectly fine with the colour. I made my purchase, had Ee-Lyn make minute alterations, came back a couple of days later to pick up the dress. I was complimented generously on the Long Island dress and made a mental bookmark to go back to Ee-Lyn one day.

So I did, for our wedding this time! Ee-Lyn has launched her bespoke line since I bought the Long Island dress and I wrote to her when I was in London to kick off a discussion on behalf of my mum and sister on their dresses (will talk about these dresses in another entry). When I returned to Singapore, I took my mum and sister to Ee-Lyn’s beautiful atelier at Mohamed Sultan Road. Just browsing through her dresses and chatting about dress designs for the women in my family made me want to get a third gown for our wedding banquet. It was not budgeted for and I was reluctant to spend on extra items lest we broke our banks. I returned to London and stopped thinking about it for a while.

Red silk georgette gown with gem details from Yu

One month before our wedding, my mum called and said, ‘You only get married once and I want you to have it. Take it as a gift from me’. The rest was history! I started communicating the styles and colours I wanted for this evening gown, and soon after, Ee-Lyn sent me a couple of designs. They were gorgeous; drapey, Grecian, luxurious, I loved them. I went for a floor-length silk georgette red evening gown with a little train and gem-lined straps and waist. As we were stuck in London, Ee-Lyn sent me an extremely detailed step-by-step email for taking measurements. I could only pray that I wouldn’t let Ee-Lyn and my home economics teacher down.

Back view of red silk georgette gown from Yu

I went back for my fittings two weeks before the wedding, and the dress was an almost perfect fit! Ee-Lyn only had to make minor alterations such as the length of the dress as clumsy me was tripping in the delicate fabric. It was the easiest gown to put on during the wedding; the dress was so comfortable and the red fabric worked very well with my skintone. The gems added bling to the dress and this meant I didn’t have to look for more accessories to glam it up. I was so happy with Ee-Lyn’s work, that I bought a toga cocktail dress for the third day after the wedding (the day that brides return to their parents’ place to visit).

I’ll definitely be going back to Ee-Lyn for my future fashion needs, in fact I often lament at the lack of pretty cocktail dresses that actually fit over here in London, and I wish she would bring the line over (Ee-Lyn has brought her line to New York, very impressive!). Visit the Yu website and browse through Ee-Lyn’s designs. She has launched her bridal collection and the gowns are absolutely divine. Or simply contact her to engage her bespoke service to design the perfect wedding dress for you and only you!

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 7: Dress The Part With Love, Yu

  1. lao meh meh

    i have been looking at pictures of other people’s wedding (courtesy of raymond phang) and i honestly think your wedding is still the best i have ever seen! not saying this because you are my sister.. you know how blunt i can be sometimes. THURSDAY IS COMING!!!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      what a big claim to say that mine was the best wedding you’ve ever seen…….I don’t think that!!! I think it’s because you were involved in the wedding, so you knew how much work went into it, work=effort=results, so there. i’ve seen so many nice weddings on pictures…i actually feel jealous sometimes wahahaha (especially of people who hired wedding planners and who are loaded and who have pretty exotic flowers everywhere…..). TWO MORE DAYS before i punch you for annoying me. YAY!

  2. lao meh meh

    no leh, considering you had no prior experience in organising weddings, you did a brilliant job. have you read xx’s blog? she looked so pretty on her wedding day! really like her poofy frock eventhough it doesn’t look very wedding-ish.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      by the way you’re supposed to be xiao meh meh! i’m the lao meh meh. yes i read it, her wedding looks awesome, she looks very pretty, i agree! and i wish i could carry off a poofy frock like her too, but i would probably look like marshmallow..

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  4. Erlyani


    I stumbled upon your blog and I noticed a remarkable similarity between the dresses you and your ladies were wearing with several designs I saw on To my surprise, were featuring designs I could get done right here in SG!

    My question is, if you could please tell me how much the bespoke services for bridal dresses at weloveyu start from. I love the designs I’ve seen so far – very reminiscent of too! Soft, flowy, romantic. 🙂


    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Erlyani,

      I think the dresses you spotted on edressme are by Love, Yu! Love, Yu dresses are currently being sold on edressme as well, but yes you can get them directly from Singapore. I would suggest for you to contact Ee-Lyn, the designer at Love, Yu for the bespoke prices as they would depend on the designs and material used. If you head over to her website, you can get her email address. I just took a peek at sajawedding, beautiful dresses there! Very soft, and lots of drapes, I love them!

  5. valerie

    very beautiful dresses that led me to their site! i am tempted to get my gown from Love Yu too! but the prices are probably too ex for me since i dont intend to keep the gown 😦

    was your wedding gown from them too?


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