Wedding Planning Part 8: Dress Your Ladies In Yu

I’ve previously written about the Yu label and my experience in having my evening gown designed by Ee-Lyn, the designer. Without further ado, I would like to present a showcase of Ee-Lyn’s work on real ladies….my lovely ladies!

My bridesmaids wore a version of Ee-Lyn’s original design, One-Fifth; the design is essentially the same, but we changed the colour scheme to cream and gold for an elegant, bridal feel. The design allows for easy movement withut compromising on the silhouette of a lady, and I thought the dresses were perfect for the gatecrashing events and bridal party march-in during the banquet. I also think that the dresses can be worn for other occasions or functions, so they won’t go to waste!

Bridesmaids' dresses from Yu

Bridesmaids' dresses from Yu

Ee-Lyn designed an ivory silk georgette knee-length dress for my sister, also my maid-of-honour, which was perfect for leading me down the aisle in a twilight ceremony at the Glass Pavilion and mingling at the solemnisation dinner. You can take a look at the back view of the dress in the second picture below, that’s the only photo I have of her back view, sorry if  it looks a tad tiny!

Maid of honour's dress from Yu

Back view of MOH's dress from Yu

That’s my mum at our wedding banquet, looking lovely and extremely happy in her peach and gold lace knee-length cheongsam designed by Ee-Lyn (she’s the one getting the corsage pinned on in the first picture below).

Mum's cheongsam from Yu

Mum's cheongsam from Yu

For our wedding banquet, my maid-of-honour chose a midnight-blue cocktail dress that is lined with gems at the collar and the waistline, simple yet elegant for an evening do, and glam enough to go on stage!

MOH's cocktail dress from Yu

MOH's cocktail dress from Yu

For all of these dresses, we were as hands-on as we could possibly be. We chatted with Ee-Lyn on designs that would flatter the different shapes and sizes of my bevy of beautiful ladies, picked out colours that would complement the different skin tones and chose fabrics that one would feel comfortable in without compromising the intended look of the designs. Ee-Lyn was right with us through the designing and fitting process, always working hard to source for the right fabrics and gems to make the perfect dress, always bouncing off ideas and even giving suggestions on how we can accessorise the dress with jewellery, shoes and bags. I think this lends a more intimate approach and wholesome experience to merely picking a dress off the rack of common labels, and the best thing is you get one-of-a-kind quality dresses that are made with lots of attention to detail. It’s really worth talking to Ee-Lyn about getting bespoke dresses made. If budget is an issue, her line of ready-to-wear dresses are available at stockists for some major drooling over.

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