Of Food, Burps and Marriage

[This post is not for the faint-hearted]

My parents and sister are here in London to visit us and I have been playing tour guide. My brother-in-law (M’s brother) is also here on a work trip and popped over to our place for dinner.

Four days ago, I took my family out for a sinful dose of the famous crêpes from Hampstead Crêperie. Two days ago, my brother-in-law craved for the very same crêpes and supper-ed it with M after the family dinner.

Almost five years ago, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, sugar and spice, and all things nice. Less than 48 hours ago, I had a nagging headache and M massaged my temples……….

And he stifled a burp in my face, you know, out of courtesy and for the sake of humanity.

‘Did you have mushroom, garlic, ham and cheese crêpes with your brother just now?’

‘How did you know?!’

‘You just burped, silently.’


I got up to leave our bedroom after the head massage and just as I closed the door behind me……..

I heard insane, uncontrolled and hysterical laughs.

Ladies and gentleman, such is my well-formed education and familiarity with all the possible permutations of the Hampstead Crêperie menu, my well-honed endurance of burps (and farts, might I add), and my undying love for my sweet husband, whom I am soooooo comfortable with.


6 thoughts on “Of Food, Burps and Marriage

  1. missene

    *LOL* This entry spoke to me because indeed, what happens AFTER the wedding is farts and burps let out, loud and proud 🙂


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