My Very First Outfit Post

My sister, who polices my blog and gives me comments on how to improve it, has mentioned that The Pleasure Monger glaringly lacks outfit posts, which are staples of most sites that claim to write about fashion.

I was very hesitant and have procrastinated on doing this, because I think I have average or below-average fashion sense, so much so that it would be embarrassing to write about it, or the lack thereof. Being a scientist confers some kind of a occupational hazard; I tend to be in the plainest of clothes as my work does not require me to look decent. It’s best to look like a scientist, you know, mad hair, mis-matched everything, unmade face, so researchers and mice take me seriously. It is also easier because then I get to sleep in more before I get up for work. I am rather slipshod when it comes to dressing up, and only bother to do so on special occasions, or when meeting up with friends for formal get-togethers, or (here comes the inferior complex part) when I know that the girls I’m meeting with are well-dressed ladies.

I have a Fashion category on this blog, and my initial plan was to write about shopping loot and include write-ups and pictures on individual items, because I think I’m decent with picking out nice stuff, but hopeless at putting them together. So please don’t laugh at my attempts on the outfit posts. It takes a mountain of effort to put my clothes and accessories together, and multiple changes to get it right, and the worst is I don’t even know if they look right……

Without further ado, here’s my first outfit post.

M complains that I wear too much black. There a couple of reasons why I do that. It’s easy to match for a fashion idiot like me, and it befits the gloomy cold weather in London very much. Most people wear black over here in winter (which stretches out for most of the year), and M hates it when I do the same.

So this week, we’ve been blessed with copious amount of sun and cool heat as the season leaps from winter to tentative spring. We attended a birthday dinner at a sushi joint yesterday evening and this is what I wore.

My outfit

My current idea of compromising with M on wearing too much black is introducing a little of white, and lifting textures of the clothes I wear. I am usually bulked up in heavy black sweaters and dark navy skinnies with an even heavier black overcoat and a thick black scarf, so yesterday, I lightened up with soft materials and teamed a cap-sleeved victorian-inspired blouse with a short-sleeved black cardigan and a pair of grey shorts. I aired my legs, normally insulated with dark skinnies, with a translucent pair of tights. I don’t usually feel particularly girly, so I attempted to toughen up the outfit with a studded bag and chunky metal bracelet, both of which are my favourite accessories. M seemed happy to see me less like a chao-dah potato. I literally felt a huge weight off my shoulders too.

My outfit featuring chunky bracelet

When I got home from the dinner, I thought I’d play around with the outer layers, and swopped the cardigan for an incredibly soft and versatile draped jacket from H&M that I love; it seemed to work (?) with the girly blouse underneath.

With drape jacket

Phew! There you go, my first outfit post. =)

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7 thoughts on “My Very First Outfit Post

  1. Danielle

    I love the outfit – very Upper East Side. You should wear that draped jacket more often, it’s lovely! x

  2. xiao meh meh

    danielle: hello! my sister has told me so much about you.. thanks for keeping her sane all this while! :p

    lao meh meh: danielle’s right, you should wear the draped jacket more often! it looks really nice on you. looking forward to your next post!

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