Wedding Planning Part 10: Actual Day Photography by Raymond Phang

I have received numerous enquiries on the man behind our wedding photos ever since I started writing the Wedding Planning series. I attempted to keep his identity a secret as much as I could, as I was waiting for the right time to devote an entire entry to him.

Getting ready for our big day

I am very excited to unveil this genius, the fabulous Raymond Phang.

Limbo Rock - How Low Can You Go?

All the photos seen on my wedding planning entries, with the exception of our pre-wedding photos, were taken by him and the fact that I have beautiful memories to keep for a show-and-tell to my children in future, is all thanks to Raymond and his partner, Angeline.

Our friends looking on as he gets the bride

We see each other, at last!

I first knew of Raymond and Angeline, in 2008, when I was in-charge of planning my brother’s wedding. My brother was looking for a wedding photographer and had very fortunately found Raymond during his research. As I was already in London in 2008, I planned my brother’s wedding from UK and had to communicate my brother’s needs and schedules to Raymond via email. Raymond and Angeline were quick to respond, very efficient and super friendly even though I was a pain in the ass. I was already prowling through Raymond’s work on his blog and I couldn’t wait to meet him. I finally met Raymond in the flesh on the day of my brother’s wedding, and I knew that he was an excellent choice. He was very professional, easygoing, and he knew exactly what to pre-empt and advise to facilitate the wedding and photo-taking. When the luncheon was over, I had offered to order some food for Raymond but he declined and said that he preferred to focus on his job, so I offered to buy him a takeaway. He very adamantly refused that too and there was nothing I could do to change his mind. That was the Raymond I knew, the professional, friendly guy who doesn’t eat even when the wedding planner insists!! And then when the pictures were ready, I knew that Raymond was more than an eager, voluntarily hungry photographer, he was a remarkable one.

Having sweet soup

Getting into the car to get to his place

A few months later, I contacted Raymond for our wedding and I was elated to know that he was available. We met briefly during our wedding planning trip in April 2009 to decide on the package that suited our two-day wedding, and we signed on the dotted line without hesitation. Fast forward another few months later, Raymond showed up at my place to photograph our wedding. Again, he worked tirelessly, sometimes even contorting his body to the most awkward and painful-looking positions to get the best shots. I was so worried and almost had a heart attack when he leaned way out of the car to get our bridal car shot!! He cajoled laughs out of me whenever I looked a tad too serious (my expression-less face is almost always interpreted by people who don’t know me as unfriendly or stewing in anger….). Most of all, he was unobstrusive and acutely observant, so the photos turned out to be a journalistic documentation of raw, untainted emotions.

Raymond Phang's signature bridal car shot

We had a buffet lunch after the tea ceremony at my parents’ place, and I had offered Raymond some food before he went back to rest and prepare for our solemnisation in the evening. Again, he refused and I almost had to arm-wrestle him into taking some food back. I also remembered that he was rushing to get home after the first day of our wedding, as Angeline was struck with a bad case of food poisoning. He had to get back to take care of her, and churn out the wedding highlight montage for our banquet on the second day. Being a committed photographer with a good eye for beauty, however, he couldn’t resist the magic of twilight, and stayed behind to take pictures of the both of us standing in a secluded corner with the velvety deep blue sky as a backdrop. I had to ‘chase him out’ before he agreed to go, but thanks to his persistence, we were gifted the most enchanting pictures. Poor Angeline must have suffered whilst waiting for him.

Aunt telling us a joke

My bridesmaids hitting M

His groomsmen scaring me

Angeline was also most professional and accomodating throughout the process. She was in-charge of editing our pictures and designing our album layout. She has a keen eye for details, whether in terms of documenting our requests or editing, and the pictures turned out so beautiful because of her talent. Because we were stationed in London during the editing process, communication was difficult as we couldn’t just meet up at their office. Angeline went the extra mile of sending us a million emails to ensure that we received constant updates and to show us the versions that she has altered time and time again to suit our needs and last-minute changes. I must have been the most nightmarish bride they have met to-date!

Our silhouette

Us getting ready for solemnisation

D helping me with my necklace

Exchanging rings

Throwing the bouquet

Our experience with Raymond Phang Photography was nothing short of perfect. From the day we finalised the package with Raymond, to the day we received the photos, the journey was most pleasant and we have become friends with the jovial, unassuming couple who seem to be completely oblivious to how incredible they are. Raymond captured the heart and unspoken words of our wedding and breathed life into every picture, allowing us to relive the moments that we’ve forgotten and to savour the ones we’ve missed.

Us and groomsmen

Us and bridesmaids

Us in twilight

Thank you, Raymond and Angeline, for everything.

P/S: I have only uploaded some of our many favourite photos from the first day of our wedding, as there were simply too many pictures to choose from! You would have seen and will continue to see pictures from our banquet, so stay tuned to witness Raymond’s and Angeline’s buzzing talent! You can also visit Raymond’s blog to take a look at photos from weddings that he has shot.

See all my Wedding Planning entries here.


13 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 10: Actual Day Photography by Raymond Phang

  1. miss ene

    Your wedding day photos are out of this world and took my breath away. The colours are beautiful and your expressions, gorgoeus and (good) funny. Love love love love them!

    PS. I particularly like the one where you just threw your bouquet. Raymond captured everyone’s emotions perfectly.

  2. Joy

    Hey there, you looked ravishing and so pretty! Don’t need to give all the credits to the photographer; the models were awesome as well! *wink*

  3. Karen

    Your wedding pictures are lovely.

    May I know if Raymond did all the shots alone or did he have a “helper” photographer that day?

    I am definitely gonna consider raymond for my wedding next Jan!



  4. Felicia Ho


    Was reading your blog adn your wedding looks beautiful!
    I am now planning to have my wedding at Amara sanctury, but am having some probs with the wedding mgr. Who did you liase with?
    I cant even seem to get an appt for an official site visit.

    Thanks Feli

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Felicia,

      Thank you!

      I liaised with mainly 2 people, but I have been told that one has left. The other one’s Samuel, whom I liaised closer to our wedding day as the other one was on emergency leave, but I’m not sure if he’s still working for Amara Sanctuary. Have you signed a package with them? If you have, they should oblige with the site visit. I had no problems getting an appointment for that. The service, like I said, can be tardier than other hotels, but in my experience, if you push them a little more (which requires patience), they should deliver. I liked the venue too much to not take it up, so I was happy to take time out to be pushy with them. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you want out of the wedding.

  5. Janelle

    Hi, came across your blog and I really like those photos! It’s amazing how you can see the emotions from them…

    I was wondering, did you get a bridal package? I’m planning my wedding now, and am not sure whether it will be too much hassle to find my own stylist (make-up and hair) as well as gowns. I wanted to engage a separate photographer, but it seems like the trade-off is very big :X

    Appreciate if you could drop me some pointers 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Janelle,

      Thank you very much for dropping by and for your lovely compliments.

      I did get a bridal package with my bridal boutique, which does a package that includes stylist and excludes photography. It turned out to be the perfect solution for me. Have a chat with your bridal boutique to see if they can do something like this for you, if they don’t have said packages designed upfront already.

      Good luck!

  6. Philipp Römer


    truly beautiful fotos from your wedding! My name is Philipp Römer and I am the founder of a small startup called Amoviom Honeymoons. We are currently looking for images for the launch of our website and I just love the two “car” pictures. The car itself is beautifully captured, but the one where you and your husband are both in the car is truly great.

    I was wondering if I could use those two images for our website? Would be completely happy to refer back to your blog and/or Raymonds Blog.

    Please kindly let me know!
    Philipp Römer

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hello Philipp, thank you for your compliments. I am unable to release the rights to these images, sorry about this. These are personal wedding pictures and I would like to keep them just on my site. Thank you! Wishing you success on your startup!



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