Wedding Planning Part 11: Weddings, Volcanic Ash and Dealing With It

I never ever thought that I would write something like this for the wedding planning series but I have been inspired by recent events caused by the volcano eruption in Iceland. The cloud of volcanic ash that now blankets Europe is causing massive disruption to travellers, and has somewhat hit closer to home.

Yes, some of my labbies are stranded in UK because they are unable to fly to Italy for a conference, and one is stuck in southern France as he brought his wife and daughter for a late Easter holiday. My in-laws are due to visit in less than two weeks’ time, and we aren’t even sure if airports can manage the staggering number of flights that need to be reinstated, with planes at the wrong place, at the wrong time. It’s all very disruptive, and this ash cloud has caused much more chaos than the BA strikes or snowstorms we saw during Christmas last year. Despite all this, never in my little ignorant world, will I have imagined what volcanic ash could do to weddings.

I’m due to attend a friend’s wedding this weekend in Dorset, and my poor friend was fretting over potential absence of wedding guests, not just any guests but her father, brother, best friend, and her fiancé’s closest relatives among others. I have been feeling rather anxious for her as well, as I can’t imagine how I would cope if this were to happen to me a week before our wedding. I would probably be stewing in my own tears and I have to admire how well my friend is holding up despite the situation. Her wedding guests flying in from overseas account for one-fifth of the guestlist, there are the costs to think of, and mostly, the absence of important people from one of the biggest days in her life! I am keeping my fingers crossed for her, and I hope that everything turns out well this Saturday.

Apparently, she’s not the only bride-to-be who is affected by something as remote as volcanic ash. I’ve come across news reports on two other brides. One of them had to wed her groom whilst stuck in Dubai on transit, with her guests watching the ceremony live on webcam in UK. She is without her wedding dress. The other is well, not so lucky; while she has her wedding dress with her, she is thousands of miles away from her groom.

This brings me to reiterate the point of how anything could go wrong for one’s wedding. Wedding planning helps but remember to manage your expectations and of course with incidents as random as a volcano eruption, one just has to deal with it. I hope that nothing like this will happen to any of you, but remember, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. By managing your expectations and learning to accept that things won’t go exactly as planned on your wedding day, it’s easier to cope when things go wrong. At the very least, Iceland isn’t anywhere near Singapore…

I continue to hope for the best for my friend.

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 11: Weddings, Volcanic Ash and Dealing With It

  1. Missene

    Very well said! I also believe that one can plan to the last detail but on the big day itself, it is good to keep a positive attitude and just go with the flow! I hear of brides who hold onto their mobile phones throughout the day so that they can coordinate and ensure things are PERFECT. Scary.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      yeah, i completely agree. i basically planned like mad, and left everything to everyone else on our wedding day, there were a few hiccups but nothing we could do about it except to get through it!


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