The Sun Calls For BBQ

Two weeks ago, my family left for Singapore following a short visit here, and I was feeling rather moody for a couple of days. Thankfully, the sun decided to make more than a few appearances, and my husband cheered me up with the suggestion of doing an impromptu BBQ in our little balcony after a long day at work. Spring/summer was finally here.

I wrapped up work rather hastily and practically ran home so we could take advantage of the sun before it sets at 8pm.

Marinating wings, ribs and satay

I quickly put truckloads of wings and ribs into an easy marinade of smoked BBQ sauce, ketchup, tabasco, mirin, salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic, grated ginger and sesame oil. Then I made streaky pork belly satay with my mum’s secret recipe (my family lived in Indonesia for a few years before I was born, and my mum learnt the art of making authentic Indonesian satay, yay for me!).

Glorious, glorious meat on the grill

M got the fire going, and soon enough, the meats were on the grill. We took turns to BBQ the goods, and lovingly basted the ribs and wings with honey and butter from time to time.

Sticky BBQ wings

Succulent honey ribs

Our patience paid off and we had the most succulent, flavoursome, sticky and beautifully charred BBQ meats for dinner. The satay turned out perfect, although I didn’t have time and ingredients to make the satay sauce, which was a real shame.

Homemade pork satay

Toasted marshmallows and my version of s'mores

We finished off the BBQ with several rounds of toasted marshmallows, and I made my own version of s’mores with whatever we had in our pantry – coconut cookies we bought from Paris, Green & Black organic dark chocolate bars and toasted marshmallows, of course!

And then we sat by the dying fire, sipped on ice-cold orange juice and chatted through the night.

Simply wonderful.

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3 thoughts on “The Sun Calls For BBQ

  1. Joy

    My god, the barbequed meat looks absolutely beautiful in their golden-browned glory! A good use of your balcony, I must say!


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