Wedding Planning Part 12: The Invites

We were festering in London for a couple of months before our wedding and it felt like we weren’t doing anything remotely tangible, so we spent the time working on the fun details for our wedding, the first of which was the wedding invitations.

Owing to the sheer number of guests for our banquet, we decided to go with the standard (read: boring) wedding invitations provided by Amara Sanctuary Resort. We tweaked the wording a little, just to make ourselves feel better about the blahhhh card. The fun bit came when we assembled the invites for our solemnisation. We only included our immediate families and closest friends for our solemnisation ceremony at the Glass Pavilion, so it was really easy and quite economical to personalise the small number of invites!

The university I’m researching at in London is just a few minutes’ walk away from a party planning vendor, Confetti, so I took the chance to have a quick look at what they had to offer, and then dragged M to the store during one of the weekends to select our wedding stationery.

Chic and affordable DIY invites from Confetti

We wanted something chic and contemporary, and thank goodness, the selection at Confetti had everything we desired! They had a good variety of outer sleeves, inserts, envelopes, ribbons, knick knacks and accessories to suit different themes, it was hard to choose! After spending a ridiculously long afternoon at the store (okay..I admit, I was distracted and spent most of the time ooooh-aaaah-ing at the other wedding decor items….), we went for the black jacquard outer sleeve and black/white filigree insert, paired it up with black satin ribbon and glossy dark silver envelope. We came up with the wording, used an elegant cursive font, organised it on the template provided on Confetti’s website and printed it off on our own printer, easy peasy!

Chic and affordable DIY invites from Confetti

M stuck the insert to the outer sleeve, and I tied the ribbons and addressed the envelopes. Job done, very simple, very cheap, very pretty, and very much personalised, all thanks to Confetti!

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 12: The Invites

  1. miss ene

    Your cards are soooooo gorgeous! I didn’t like the “standard” invitation cards too because they ALL LOOK THE SAME!! But then again, I decided that I don’t even keep the really nice invitation card (not that I receive many nice ones anyway!) and in Singapore, the card is really just a formality. But I love the ribbons and print on your card. *gush*

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      thanks hun! yeah, that was my dilemma, all the effort that went into personalising our cards probably went into the bins after our wedding, but still we had fun doing it! i think i did the cards for my own satisfaction, more than anything else….which is really self-centred! lol


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