A Minute’s Break From My Uncharmed Life

[Rant alert from The Pleasure Unpleasant Grumpy Monger]

I’ve been working crazy hours. I’m talking 14 freaking hours for several days in a week, I work weekends too, and this has been a permanent feature for a few months now. All in the name of science.

These days, I get home in the night, have a late dinner, grow fatter, shower and am no longer interested in watching TV or engaging in any sort of leisurely activities (even my blogging’s crap now, sorry..). All I want to do is try and get some sleep when I’m home, but as luck would have it, I don’t sleep well.

I even find respite, staying back alone in my office such as now, just thinking, planning and surfing. Because the minute I get home, (have I said this already?) I.need.to.sleep and there won’t be any waking hours for me to do what I want to do.

This lifestyle has to change, and it will change….someday. Can’t hardly wait.

Thanks to no one in particular, whoever you are, for reading this.


3 thoughts on “A Minute’s Break From My Uncharmed Life

  1. eunice

    hey rachel, hang on in there! it will soon be over (i hope!) and you will have nice weather to look to 🙂 hope you manage to get teeny bit of rest before you carry on, don’t over-exhaust yourself!

  2. missene

    If this helps, this week has been crazy for me as well and it doesn’t end even though it’s Fri! I still need to back at work tomorrow morning (being at work on a Sat morning SUCKS!) so effectively, my weekend will only be about 1.5 days. BAAAAAH!


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