My Husband Speaks Before He Thinks But I Still Love Him

We were having lunch at home this afternoon. Korean instant noodles+beef balls+kimchi dumplings+egg.

It is a rarity for me to have a hot lunch, if I ever have time to have lunch at all, so I was happily picking up my noodles, putting them on a spoon before slurping them up. Then, a blob of the noodles fell back into the soup from a height. It was bound to happen if I insisted on raising the noodles sky-high with my chopsticks, right?

The soup splashed on my forehead, and because it was a little hot, I was physically startled and kinda jerked in my seat, if you know what I mean.

Instead of checking on me, my husband laughed and said:

“It’s because you have a wide surface area, that’s why that little drop of soup hit you.”

I just glared at him over my aunty glasses and replied with feigned anger.

“Are you trying to say that I have a fat face?”

Almost 1.2 seconds before I completed my sentence, which was right about when  I enunciated the ‘fat’ word, my husband was jolted into senses and launched into a mess of a defence.

“NO!! Of course not! I meant to say that you have a wide surface area on your forehead, you know, like you have a big forehead… Erm, NOOOO, I mean you have brains, so you have a big forehead…you…erm, ahhhhhh!”

All this as I laughed till I cried over the blooper and his badly executed comeback. He should thank his lucky stars that I’m feeling upbeat today.


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