Don’t Be Silly, Fat IS Good For You

[For the good people who are health-conscious, you’re advised to look away.]

I have a confession to make.

I cheated on work yesterday with a few glorious hours of BBQ-ing in the sun in our teeny balcony again.

Sun's out, BBQ Time!

And we had another AMAZING revelation from our impromptu BBQ-off.

We had a huge bottle of coke sitting in the fridge, and whilst M proceeded to make a batch of His-flavoured wings and pork chops with Asian sauces and spices, I soaked Her-flavoured ones in coke, ketchup, BBQ sauce, white wine vinegar, mirin, hot sauce and oil. It was a complete experiment for me.

Once the fire got going, we slapped the meats on the grill and again, I basted Her-flavoured ones, this time with a thick reduction of the marinade I had made earlier, and of course, butter.

I wanted to be good, so I stripped the thick slivers of fat off the pork chops before tucking into the oh-so-tender meat (coke is a good tenderiser!). Then, M had a brilliant idea. He took the strips of fat and plonked them back on the grill, and charred them to perfection before bringing them back to me.

Don't Be Silly, Fat Is Good For You

The result? Morsels of caramelised delight bursting in their happy juices, once you got past the subtly crispy, buttery exterior.

Fat IS good for you*. Trust me.

*Disclaimer: Only when taken in moderation!

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