Wedding Planning Part 14: Wedding Florals At The Glass Pavilion

Inside Glass Pavilion

I mentioned that there were two florists affiliated to Amara Sanctuary Resort. I decided to go for both, each taking care of a separate event for us. So for our solemnisation ceremony, I entrusted the tasks of wedding florals to The Red Petals Florist.

Teardrop floral arrangement on door handle at Glass Pavilion

To be honest, I was pretty worried about engaging their services. The website looked tacky and the florals on showcase failed to impress. I decided to make an appointment to have a chat with the floral designer anyway, and made my way to their office/warehouse all the way in the east and I have to say the trip was worth it. The person that I spoke to was Michelle, and she was such a joy to chat with. Friendly, candid, efficient and enthusiastic, she showed me the ‘props’ that I could use and brought out samples of flowers for me to gush over.

The Glass Pavilion

We couldn’t finalise many things on my visit, and because I had to return to London, most of our discussion was done afterwards via email. I was changing my mind so fast about whether to fill the space at the Glass Pavilion that Michelle had to work and re-work the costs and ideas (at least 5 times!). Just two weeks before our wedding, I finally stopped changing my mind and decided to go with minimal decorations in the Glass Pavilion to let the greenery outside do its magic. Michelle supported and pushed for this idea throughout our discussion, even though it meant that she would earn less from my wedding because those minimal decorations were already included in my package with Amara Sanctuary Resort. The original package came with one pair of normal door arrangements, but I wanted something more elaborate to welcome our guests as they walked in, so I topped up a small sum of money to have fuller teardrop arrangements done for the main door handles (second picture from the top). Generous amounts of complimentary rose petals in the same colour palette were given for our guests to ‘shower their blessings’ on us.

My bouquet from Redpetals

I wanted my sister to have a hand bouquet as she led me down the aisle, so I had two simple bouquets in identical designs made for both of us in different sizes. It was a good thing that I did this because my bouquet from Bridal Veil kinda died despite M caring for it properly the night before, so I had a fresh bouquet to play with!

ROM table centerpiece/ring holder

I also paid just a teeny teeny bit more to turn the complimentary ROM table centerpiece into one that doubled up as a ring holder. I thought it was more unique than a ring pillow and it was gorgeous! A similar centerpiece was done for the guest reception table outside the Glass Pavilion.

Ring holder

Ring holder

The Glass Pavilion and its surroundings are so beautiful that there was no need to spend a huge sum of florals to up the wow factor. In fact, I spent a really, really small sum and still had the most beautiful ceremony amidst the lush greenery.

If you’ve decided on The Glass Pavilion for your solemnisation ceremony, just drop an email to the people at Red Petals, let them know that you’re getting married at Amara Sanctuary Resort and take it from there. Have fun!

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10 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 14: Wedding Florals At The Glass Pavilion

  1. Juanna


    Chanced upon your blog (: is it neccessary to engage their florists or can couples engage their own wedding planners etc?

    Juanna (:

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Juanna, you can engage your own wedding planner. Just note that the package would include the affiliated florists, and I reckon you will have to pay for the same package even if you don’t use their florist. You can email Amara Sanctuary Resort to ask if they could knock the price off if you use your own florist.

  2. Myat


    I signed up for Solemnization + buffet dinner at the Amara Sanctuary Glass Pavilion and the Shutters Restaurant. I am thinking of topping up a bit more on the standard package floral arrangement and looking for the information.. and had a chance to browse through your blog!.. Thanks for putting up your info.. it’s very useful.

    I am still considering whether to get the additional floral arrangement.


  3. Myat

    I reckoned that you are from UK? Wondering where did you do your wedding band? My the other half is also from UK and I am from SG.

    I am thinking how to actually get it done in an easier and cheaper way of cuz.. 😀

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Joann: hi, so sorry I can’t remember exactly! I think it would be best to check with the hotel on 2015 rates as I got married in 2009, and the rates would have changed quite a bit since then.


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