Wedding Planning Part 15: Making It Yours

There were a couple of things that we did to try and make our wedding ours. Here are a few tips!

1. Get on eBay, buy some DIY wedding favour boxes at an insanely cheap price, and pack it in! In this case, we ordered some personalised M&Ms from US (see point 3) and packed them in these foldable boxes for our solemnisation dinner at Shutters. My parents and I spent just under an hour doing this the day before the wedding, and we had fun chatting whilst doing it! Dad even designed and printed the name tags for us (yes, that’s my Chinese name)!

DIY wedding favour

2. Instead of serving the usual complimentary snacks at the cocktail reception,  get some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and stack them up in a pyramid on round plates. For us, these were favourites and were very quickly depleted, according to my trusty sources (because I wasn’t allowed to mingle during the cocktail reception…boohoo). Affordable, good-looking, yummy chocs make a difference, sprinkle some gold dust round the table and that’s done!

Rocher tower

Rocher tower

3. Order some personalised M&Ms online and have them delivered to Singapore. This will wow your guests! We had ours in Platinum and Pearl, colours in the Shimmer collection which are pearlised to give them a sparkling appearance and requested our names to be printed on half of the order, and ‘Just Married’ on the other.

Personalised M&Ms

Personalised M&Ms

Personalised M&Ms

Check out the gleeful kid when he discovered the M&Ms!

The kids loved the personalised M&Ms

4. If you have a theme, you can try naming your guest tables accordingly. Ours was English-themed, so we named our tables after places in London! I downloaded some divider artwork and font types, played around with the designs, and the girls helped me print them off my computer at home, cut and paste them on pearlised cards. The same with the ‘Eat Me’ signs (see the first M&Ms picture) and individual place cards for our VIP table. Finish art-and-bonding session with a hearty dinner with the fab ladies!

Table name

There, easy ways to make your wedding truly yours to keep!

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9 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 15: Making It Yours

  1. Jin

    Hi, I am amazed by the personalized stuff at your wedding! didnt know that M&Ms could be customized and would like to do them for mine too! could i check with you how did you get those M&Ms shipped to singapore? as i have checked their websites but it was stated that it cant be shipped internationally. Thanks!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Jin, thanks! Just give them a call to arrange for the order to Singapore. They only confirm certain international orders via phone. My cousin in the States helped me with it, so it was more convenient. Do take note of the time difference!

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  3. Melissa


    I really love your wedding posts and they are superbly helpful for the confused bride (read: me). I’m thinking of doing personalised M&Ms for my upcoming wedding party too, and was wondering if you could share how much you had to order for your party? Or perhaps a guide on how to estimate the no. of 5/10lb bags to purchase?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Melissa: Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I ordered a 5lb bag, and I served them in martini glasses during the cocktail party. We had 320 guests, and there was plenty to go around as I mixed it up with Ferrero Rocher. You might want to check out the demographics of your wedding party. We didn’t have many kids running around, so that was more than enough. I also had enough to make 50 wedding favours (each one is a box that has a volume is 1 cubic inch). If you want to have a look, just pick up a bag of M&Ms from the store and see how heavy that is and how many portions that will make. I wouldn’t recommend having too much because in Asia, I think everyone wants to have dinner before indulging in sweets. What you want is to let the guests have a taster, and to be wowed from the personalised M&Ms. Hope this helps!

  4. Krystal


    May I ask how much you spent altogether for personalising the M&Ms? And the cost of each wedding favor (including the boxes)?

    Many thanks!

  5. Shir Li


    I’m interested to customise the M&Ms for my wedding favors. Could you advise the next steps and what’s the estimate cost?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shir Li

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi Shir Li,

      I would advise giving M&M customer service a call to ask on the shipping costs. The cost of the product itself will depend on your preference for quantity etc.

      Good luck!


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