Human>Animal>Pond Scum>Student

My supervisor shredded me  into pieces today, and I almost lost it (read: still trying to control my emotions).

During this rough, insane, hard-work-doesn’t-pay-off, sleep-deprived, unrewarding, patience-testing, wrinkle-inducing, hair-bleaching )*^”&*$^%!(@ journey, I’ve come to realise that a PhD student is..

lower than pond scum lower than animal lower than human.

Yes, we’re at the bottom-most rung in the ladder, if there’s a bottom at all. Stepped Trampled on with muddy shoes, bruised like we have no flesh (of course we don’t have flesh, we’re like amoeba!), and battered like we’ve no ego or consciousness (remember, we’re just a mixture of solutes and unimportant electrolytes).



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