Wedding Planning Part 16: I Had My Wedding Cake And Ate It Too

I always, always wanted a real wedding cake. And a real wedding cake, it is.

Ou wedding cake from Pine Garden

Having heard my friend rave about Pine Garden, I made an appointment to meet the cake people at the bakery and was prepared to fork out money to buy some cakes home for taste tests, but nah uh, didn’t have to do that, because the meeting came with a complimentary tasting session! My sister and I stuffed ourselves silly with all the flavours, ranging from the light-textured sponge cakes (the famous lychee martini, Bailey’s chocolate crunch, blackforest, lemon, orange chocolate and morrrreeee) to the heavier ones (cheesecakes, brownies). M missed out on all this because poor him was revising for finals last year. My sister and I had an awesome time at the meeting, looking at cake designs, conveying ideas, eating cakes and sipping tea, what’s not to like? Until……I realised that the person I was liaising with, was completely inadequate at answering my emails or my sister’s phone calls when I came back to London. It was flat-out horrible not having any access to the person-in-charge whilst I was here. Even though the cakes were really delicious, I contemplated contacting another bakery but was reluctant to because I had already paid a deposit of a few hundred bucks. I kept my fingers and toes crossed while I panicked in London, and made a trip back to the bakery just two weeks before our wedding to demand a meeting with a person I could rely on. Thank goodness, Pine Garden gave me just that. The meeting with the new contact was quick, efficient, useful and she was all talk and all action too! Because M wasn’t at the first cake-tasting session, they granted us another, and this time round, the cake flavours featured on our three-tiered cake were chosen by us, truly. It wasn’t difficult to choose, we were very partial to lychee martini and Bailey’s, both of which were alcoholic and incredibly yummy, and we went for a third non-alcoholic flavour, orange chocolate, to please the palettes of guests who can’t take booze.

Cutting our wedding cake

We went for a simple cake design with flowers in the same colour palettes as our wedding florals. It was the very thing that I was looking forward to eating after our banquet was over. Pity I didn’t get to admire it properly because you know, cutting it only takes a few seconds….

After the guests left, I remember kicking off my heels, trudging around the reception area in my cheongsam and slippers, chatting idly with my friends in the most unbride-ly fashion, and plonking down onto the bar stools whilst waiting for the operations manager to serve the newly-minted Mr and Mrs Loh our sorely missed dinner. Unfortunately, the lychee martini ones ran out (lucky you, my dear guests!!), and I could only enjoy the Bailey-flavoured ones. Oh well, who’s to complain when Pine Garden’s cakes are soooo damn good!

After that, I licked my lips, got ferried back to our suite in the buggy, and was deliriously happy that I am married to the man I love most, and that I had a real wedding cake to go with it. For that, I’m willing to forgive the email-ignoring-phonecall-dissing-all-talk-no-action Miss!

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Part 16: I Had My Wedding Cake And Ate It Too

  1. Joy

    I stayed opposite Pine Garden when I was a kid. Hence, it was a regular cake supplier for all our celebrations or afternoon tea. I made sure my mom got me the Blackforest cake every year for my birthday! Love the Lychee Martini too…

  2. tmtgirl

    It’s enjoyable reading your wedding blog entries 🙂 My wedding is nearing (its happening in Nov this year oh my god!) and it’ll be at Amara Sanctuary too! Rachel would you mind sharing the size of your wedding cake(8″, 10″, 12″?) and if its enough for all your guests? Thanks loads!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Hi tmtgirl, glad that the wedding planning entries have been useful! Our three-tier consists of 5″, 9″ and 14″ cakes, and it was enough for 320 guests. You wouldn’t get a proper slice for every guest, but at the end of an 8-course dinner, guests might not want a proper slice too. If you go to Pine Garden, they should be able to advise you on the amount of cake you should provide for guests, and the size per slice that you’ll get with that amount of cake. All the best with your wedding planning!

  3. Vinnie Beannie

    Your cake is pretty!! Can I know how much you paid for this and when they served the cake, did they have to ‘strip’ off the real flowers and leaves? Or are they candied flowers? Thank you!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Vinnie Beannie: Thanks! I paid S$850 for this (including flowers), and yes they had to strip of the real flowers and leaves. The flowers and leaves were stuffed in between the cake tiers.

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Yixiao: Hi there! I can’t remember who I liaised with unfortunately as it was more than two years ago..but I suggest that you meet with the appointed person and see if you can communicate with that person. I was first assigned someone else, and it was horrible. Needless to say, I made a complaint and requested for another person to help me with my wedding cake instead.

  4. Bern

    Hi there!

    I really love your cake and in fact, you inspired me to have our wedding cake ordered from Pine Gardens as well!
    Just wondering if the hotel charged you for cutting and distributing your wedding cake?=)


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