My Home, For Now and Always

Out on a quiet night in London

It gets painfully lonely and depressing during the festive seasons.

We spent two out of three new years here. Both were bitterly cold and quiet, without the sun, our family and friends to pledge their new resolutions with us.

It was a typical cold, silent night on 2nd January this year. We took our car and drove around in London. We found ourselves stopping at Westminster Bridge.

The Big Ben and House of Parliament, all lit up, golden in the black river, unaware of our lives. We reflected on our time here, and were still for a moment. We chatted and chuckled, retraced our footsteps at our wedding photoshoot and sighed at the unknown.

I looked at him, and realised, that however difficult it is to be away from Singapore, London will always be my home, somehow, because home is where the heart is, and my heart is with him.

Out on a quiet night in London

Suddenly, it wasn’t so cold.


5 thoughts on “My Home, For Now and Always

  1. elaine

    This is really sweet and true. Sorry i m a silent reader of urs all these long, and love your blog. Reading this post brought lotsa thought in my mind, living here alone in Italy, with my husband n family far from me is lonely…

  2. elaine

    That was really a prompt response, thanks for your sweet and kind thought, will definitely do so if i need a istening ear! Anyway, keep up the good work on this blog! Your wedding planning series has been really awesome!! We are going to take our pre-wedding shoot here in Italy too when my husband to-be coming over to visit me on September, and that’s how i found your blog when i do some research on the net! =)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Thanks for your kind compliments, I’m glad the wedding planning series helped! Will you be going home permanently after you get married? This might be too private a question to ask, but if you don’t mind sharing, just drop me an email!


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