Outfits: I Am Addicted To Black

I have looking through my outfit posts sitting in draft and realised that I can’t stay away from black. I kinda group my clothes based on colours in my  wardrobe and gosh, the black section is seriously going to take over the world if I don’t stop buying black items.

Whilst I have an unhealthy obsession with black, black and more black, you have to agree that it’s just soooooo much easier to put an outfit together when everything is just. black. Perfect for a fashion dimwit like me, not so perfect for summer and variety.

I Love Black

For my birthday, I paired a strapless black dress with a satin front panel from Mango, with a long-sleeved black dressy outer from ASOS, almost really, for an excuse to tote my first birthday gift from M since we got married, my darling black bag with gold details from Anya Hindmarch!

I Love Black

For a friend’s farewell party in February, I wore the same dress and couldn’t decide between the black dressy outer and the draped jacket from H&M that I blogged about a while ago. What’s the difference, right? They’re both black!

I Love Black

But of course. More black accessories that I have here….a bib necklace and a chunky bracelet that I picked up from Pia’s Place in NYC, but I was a little better this time, I wore a chunky non-black (woohoo!) ring from Accessorize.

I Love Black

Then, for a casual day out, I had on a black cut-out dress from ASOS, brought out the studded bag that I also wrote about previously for the same outing. And to make myself feel a wee bit more creative about my outfits, I threw on a grey draped cardigan and my yummy purple studded heels on another occasion.

I love black and like all addicts, it’s hard to kick it.  Someone needs to get me out of Black Anonymous. Or maybe not?

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