Almost There

Why have I been burying my head in books and why have I gone missing from civilisation? Because I had to give a friggin’ final year talk to the bigwigs in the department today.

Why am I blogging this now? Because it’s over, it went well, my usually stern prof even gave me a hug at the end of it. *congratulates myself*

Why this comic then? Because I was trying to look for a comic strip that depicts exhilarating freedom for graduate students on PhD Comics, and guess what, freedom doesn’t exist in PhD, so of course that comic I’m looking for doesn’t either. But this does and ooooh, it tells another shiny story about my life as a research student.

PhD Comics

Not to be overzealous or anything, BUT I AM ENTITLED TO SAY THAT I AM UBER SUPER DUPER HAPPY THAT I HAVE GIVEN THE LAST SEMINAR EVER IN MY LIFE AS A RESEARCH STUDENT because that means that I am almost there, I see the finishing line!

P/S: M’s taking me to a new steakhouse in London to celebrate! *rubs belly*


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