Of Chicken Rice and Friends

It takes a lot for us to be away from home for months in a row. We have been away for almost ten months now, and it’s getting a little unbearable. Sure, it’s fun to mess around in London on our own, checking out new things, be out and about in Europe whenever we feel like it, but all this comes at a price. Being away from home invariably means that we are away from local food and our dear families and friends. Absence makes the heart grow fonder/ Out of sight out of mind, well it’s a pretty thin line. We miss chilli crab, char kway teow, bak chor mee, a hell lot. We miss our friends terribly too, and while we are 6000 miles away, we often wonder if they miss us too. It’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on in their lives, and I often rely on Facebook to update us on who’s doing what (M doesn’t have an account, so I feed him information).

It’s all a little sad, for us at least. So you can imagine our joy when we got this in our mailbox! Our friends, S&J, sent us a whole box of ingredients for local food we miss, complete with a heartfelt letter, recent pictures of our friends, and a copy of The Straits Times!

Of Chicken Rice and Friends

During Chinese New Year this year, another two of our friends, G&D, sent a card from Singapore wishing us much CNY love, in an era where people our age can’t be bothered with mailing out CNY greetings. We also received a Christmas card from my dear friend, M, all the way from Hong Kong, and last year, P sent me a birthday card to make aging a little more bearable. These gestures made us feel that we’re not forgotten, and they really do warm our hearts. Thank you, dear friends.

Of Chicken Rice and Friends

We happened to be having serious chicken rice cravings after reading a blogger friend’s entry. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. We decided to put our box of goodies to use, and whipped up Hainanese Chicken Rice with the pre-packed ingredients. I also made my mum’s chicken rice chilli according to her secret recipe.

Of Chicken Rice and Friends

Of Chicken Rice and Friends

Dinner was exceptionally delicious and hearty, and much appreciated. Thank you S&J! We are very excited to be coming home, my friends. See you really soon!

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5 thoughts on “Of Chicken Rice and Friends

  1. elaine

    Absolutely agreed with what you said, miss all the foods and miss all the dearies at home when we are overseas! I bought over some of these pre-mix too when i came to Italy! They are saviors at times! Not forgetting those instant noodles! Your chicken rice meal looks too yummy that makes me miss home even more! haha! =)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Yes, we have also on occasion tried making dishes from scratch, chicken rice was one of them, we also tried char kway teow, bak chor mee. we’re trying to find time to make chilli crab. hopefully soon!!

  2. Joy

    Wow, wow….your chicken rice indeed looks good. I’m impressed at your culinary skills…you seem to be able to whip up anything! And that chilli in that bright, fiery red colour looks so enticing!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      Haha, I think being overseas forces us to learn to cook the things we take for granted in Singapore It also helps that my mum knows how to cook well, so I always call back for SOS!!


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