Outfits: For Lovely Lazy Ladies

I am uncreative.

I am lazy.

But I am still vain.

What do I do, when I need to pull an outfit together quickly for a girly lunch?

Wiggle into my skinnies, put on a vest, sling on any black accessories I can get my hands on, and throw on a Chanel-inspired jacket from H&M (only £25!) for instant chic. Or so I try.

Chanel-inspired jacket from H&M

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14 thoughts on “Outfits: For Lovely Lazy Ladies

  1. Z

    Hiya, love the H&M jacket, great taste!

    Anyway i was in NYC and London in 06 and 09 respectively. Your entries bring back so many memories of my trips there 🙂

  2. Z

    I was working in upstate New York for about 3 months, but had visited NYC after that 🙂 London was just a holiday, i loved it and the live football haha.

      1. Z

        do you support any club? my fiance and i are huge Arsenal fans and we were so stoked to catch a game!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      i’m sure you look chic too! am usually a lazy bum and just buy a gazillion cheap inspired jackets, coats, outerwear to hide my boring whatever inside. wonder what i’m going to do in hot and humid singapore…..

  3. Z

    We caught the home game vs Boro last April. I was so happy to see Fabregas (i hope he doesn’t join Barca, sob) score 😀

    Anyway shall not bore your other readers with football. I’ll be following your future entries, do drop a comment on my blog if you surf by 🙂

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      I hope he doesn’t too! I actually saw him up close, because erm, after one of the matches, he was driving off in his Land Rover, he stopped, and I erm, went running after him like a mad woman, stood right by his window and gawked for a good ten seconds, ran off, realised that I forgot to take a picture of him, and fumbled for my camera to take one!

      Thanks for the link, I love your blog layout, very clean, my kind of blog! x

      1. Z

        oh gosh, i’m pretty sure i’ll run after him too if i had the chance haha. i’m rooting for Spain this World Cup because of him!

        anyway we’ll discuss more when the new BPL season starts 🙂 our first match is against Liverpool. Yikes.

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