Outfits: No Money? Just Talk.

I’ve been watching my spending on clothes lately. My dear sister bought me tonnes of clothes, which I haven’t had the chance to wear, and who am I kidding, I have zero life out of my PhD at the moment, do I really want to wear cupcake dresses, fascinators, anything more than tee and denim to my lab? Lab rats might get a rude shock.

So even though the trends are changing, and my wardrobe is looking like it’s stuck in the 80’s and I have the face of an old woman, but clothes that even a pre-puberty schoolboy would be ashamed of, I have been really disciplined. No point spending money on clothes that I won’t have the chance or guts or body to flaunt.

It was one of those days. I was really sick of going to work, going home, going to work, going home every bloody day of the week. I dropped the husband a text to see if he might want to go for a walk. We ended up at Covent Garden, and then somehow wandered into H&M. No surprise there.

I did the usual routine, sauntered along the racks of clothes, silently cursing at the lack of designs that I actually dare to carry off and also at my inability to put outfits together (‘can this sparkly top go with that checkered bottom, oh gosh Rachel you’re such an embarrassment, put that back before someone sees you’), I ended up at the t-shirt section. Typical, always, boring, easy.

But hmm, there was something different about this section. It looked a little cooler than what I would usually be comfortable setting foot in. Then I found this.

H&M Black Book tee

Woohoo. £9.99 for a tee that speaks volumes about me from the Black Book collection, a collaboration between H&M and André Lorenz Stock. I guess 1 penny was knocked off because of the grammatical error. Who cares?!

New outfit (yes a tee, but a cooler tee), budget kept, happy me.

P/S: If you can’t read it, the tee says ‘Addict: People who like things very very much’. Now, I’ve just got to find stacks of cash (or a willing sponsor), a fab shopping assistant to personalise, colour- and style-code my outfits, and then I will proceed to feed this addiction. Muahaha.

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3 thoughts on “Outfits: No Money? Just Talk.

  1. Z

    I really miss shopping at H&M!! It’s our favourite store (even my fiance goes crazy there) when we shop overseas 🙂


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