Shiseido: The Skincare Multi-Energising Cream

My skin has been behaving alright, other than the occasional dryness and flaky patches brought on by stress, hormonal changes and my low water intake. There’s always one product that I call on for SOS when this happens.

Shiseido Multi-energising cream

I have been using the Multi-energising Cream from Shiseido’s The Skincare range for 3 years. I bought it when I was preparing for my big move to London. During my vacations here, I found that my skin was always flaky in the punishing weather and I thought if I were going to move to this country, I needed a solution.

As always, I trooped down to my favourite counter in Takashimaya and asked my usual beauty advisors (mum, sis and I are all Shiseido users so the people there know us pretty well!) for a solution to dry skin. Basically, The Skincare is a good range for people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, and I have been told to try the multi-energising cream for a quick fix to skin dehydration.

True to its description, the cream works. I used to apply the cream every night as a moisturiser in London, that worked well but I’ve been here for some time and my skin has acclimatised to the weather. The cream got a little too thick after that, and I switched to a lighter night moisturiser. Now, I use the multi-energising cream as a quick solution to dry skin. If my skin gets flaky, I use the multi-energising cream in place of my night moisturiser, and the next day, my skin is well on its way to recovery. I continue doing this for another night or two, and the flakes disappear, skin is rehydrated and plump.

If you would like to try this cream, and if you happen to be buying some Shiseido products, try asking for a free sample of this before you purchase the full-sized bottle (S$75 for 50ml).

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2 thoughts on “Shiseido: The Skincare Multi-Energising Cream

  1. Han

    Hi Rachel, it’s me again. As you can tell, I am slowly working through your blog. I used this for my winters in the US. And yes, it works!


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