I Am So In Love With Frae Yogurt

For once, I am in love with something healthy. No, not hamster food, of course! It’s still something delish, my taste buds ain’t going to sleep!

After an unhealthy dinner at Byron the previous night, goody us skipped sugar works like eton mess and brownies. We committed food crime by passing on desserts….not!

When we made our way to Byron via the über cool Camden Passage in Angel (along Upper Street), I had already set my eyes on this little shop in a corner, having seen the newsflash perched outside.

‘English Strawberry Seeks Fat Free Partner’

How cute is the tagline?!

And to use the phrase ‘fat free’ was superbly intelligent and intuitive. It was a sign…..that I could watch what I eat, and still feel satisfied.

Frae Yogurt

I accidentally-on-purpose took the same route back to our car after dinner, and accidentally-on-purpose pointed out Frae to M. He doesn’t really fancy sweet desserts, so of course he agreed to pop into Frae. The My plot thickens.

The shop was small, with 3 or 4 tiny tables, and a couple of chairs outside. It was clean, simple, bright and fuss-free. There was even a board that told you the number of calories that you would be consuming if you went for small, medium or large portion, and trust me, they were very, very decent numbers. I could have stared at the numbers and lost weight.

We were stuffed, so we ordered just a small portion to share with two toppings. We picked green tea, and asked for strawberries and blackberries. It cost us £3.70. I grabbed the cup while M paid, and almost ran off without him. But my conscience gave way, and I really needed a ride home, so I stayed put on one of the seats outside Frae.

I was converted on the first bite. I do like yogurt for its refreshing flavour, but I never quite loved froyo if it was too tart (M is a huge fan). I would take on the creamy sweetness of ice cream any day. But Frae was unbelievably good. The yogurt was very pleasantly tart, creamy (not water crystal-ly, if you know what I mean) and boasted a subtle hint of green tea that went really, really well with the fresh berries. And because it’s summer now, the berries were incredibly juicy and sweet. Have you seen the size of the blackberries? They were the size of my thumb, no kidding!

Frae Yogurt also prides itself on the organic recipe and use of organic ingredients, and they’re eco-friendly too.

I am now a Frae-natic, and I would really advise you to make your way to Camden Passage before summer’s gone. Fab yogurt and fab berries, you don’t want to miss this! If summer’s gone, you could still have the yogurt, but I guess you might have to stick to Oreo cookies, flaked coconut, you know, the unhealthy stuff instead of sour berries, more calories there, but I bet they would still taste good.

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Frae Organic Frozen Yogurt is located at:

27 Camden Passage, Islington, London N1 8EA

*Updated: This post is featured on Photograzing. Check out my Photograzing profile to see my other featured posts!


3 thoughts on “I Am So In Love With Frae Yogurt

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  2. Lucy L

    Hi!! My friend introduced me to your blog as I have a massive addiction to macarons and have just started a little side business selling them, now I have a new addiction – your blog and all your posts!! What a wonderful blog! Love the way you write & tell stories and all the great photos, you are sooo pretty too! Have you tried Yu-Foria in soho? Also great with very subtle tartness and creamy too!


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