Indulge In Posh Nosh at Brasserie Printemps, Paris

We didn’t have many good meals during our recent trip to Paris, but I absolutely loved Brasserie Printemps. Located on the 6th floor of  the Printemps department store on Boulevard Haussmann, I was told that the brasserie offers good views. Unfortunately, there was a queue (we didn’t make reservations) even at lunch, and we settled for whatever seats they could get us. It wasn’t half bad, actually we had pretty good seats, we were right in the middle under the beautiful stained-glass cupola of the brasserie.

The historical stained-glass cupola at Brasserie Printemps

The brasserie was bustling with beautiful French people in their chic luncheon outfits. Some ladies wore pearls, some were toting designer everything, most had manicured fingers. I felt soooo underdressed and really quite badly groomed.

Anyways, D had recommended this place to me and she said she tried the smoked duck breast. Dad ended up having it, while Mum and sis had grilled salmon. I went for the beef carpaccio. M was feeling a little more adventurous, having suffered from a dismal lunch at touristy Montmarte the day before, and went for the beef tartar.

Lunch at Brasserie Printemps

The beef tartar was gorgeous. I kinda winced at the thought of having minced raw beef. I mean thinly sliced raw beef is fine, but minced just spells barbaric and disgustingly mushy. I shut my eyes when I took my first bite, and surprisingly, it was delicious and refreshing, especially with the sharpness of the capers which cut through chunks of meat nicely.

Lunch at Brasserie Printemps

The beef carpaccio won me over too. I’ve always loved beef carpaccio, but omg, this had a poached egg perched atop the slices of beef. Everyone who knows about my obsession with eggs will know that I hate to break the yolk at the beginning of a meal. I like to save it for the last, simply because gooey yolks are the best. But this was calling out to me, the egg wanted to be broken. So I did it, and gosh it made me quiver… It was perfectly poached and it was so exciting to watch the yolk drench everything on the plate. The dish was perfect. Meat check, gooey egg check, rockets (my favourite salad veggie) check, cheese check.

Lunch at Brasserie Printemps

I didn’t have a taste of the smoked duck breast and the salmon, but I thought I’d put up the pictures too, they looked pretty darn good and there were no complaints from my family, if that helps!

Lunch at Brasserie Printemps

Lunch at Brasserie Printemps

We didn’t manage to have dessert, the raw meat filled M and I up, but I caught a mother and teenage daughter (really beautiful people, well-dressed in what looked like Chanel, and svelte) sharing a mac ‘n cheese, and it looked amazing. So were the macarons on their dainty plates. Methinks we will have to go back to Printemps to have a taste if we ever return to Paris for the third time!

Brasserie Printemps is a really good place to have lunch at, the ambience is perfect, casual enough to make you feel relaxed but posh enough to up the glam factor. The prices aren’t exactly cheap, but most food places in Paris aren’t anyway (even McDonald’s…). We spent about €140 for lunch for five people, a little ridiculous for lunch but it was an experience. Besides, the cupola was really, really pretty, plenty of photo opportunities! And, it’s right in a fab luxury department store, with tonnes of gorgeous designer stuff to look at and Ladurée macarons to take away from the little store downstairs too!

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Brasserie Printemps is located at:

Women’s section of Printemps, Floor 6 on 64, bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris – France

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