My Husband Loves Snogging, I Don’t?

It’s unusually hot in London, I haven’t seen a summer like that since I moved here. The weather’s comparable to that in Singapore, minus the humidity. People are lounging on grass patches, all decked out in flip flops and their summer best. And because it’s so hot, every other person is toting some form of cold dessert in their hands.

Snog Froyo

I do have indecent thoughts about ice cream and froyo on hot days too. I don’t walk about with one in hand because I’m usually in a hurry, but I do stock up on Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. It’s crazy how cheap these desserts are here, 2 pints for only £5 when they’re on sale. But these aren’t very good for the waistline (not when they’re sitting in my freezer and I always finish more than half a pint before realising the full horror of what I’ve done), and I now wish that I have easy access to froyo, the healthier alternative to ice-cream.

Other than Frae, I’ve tried the froyo from Snog, which features three flavours on its menu (natural, green tea and chocolate). As the yogurt is much more tart at Snog than at Frae, I tend to pair them up with sweet toppings such as mini Oreos. I can’t have them with berries, as the combination is too sour for me, but then again, I haven’t had them with berries during summertime, as they tend to be sweeter this time of the year. M and my dad love Snog though. The two of them scooted off to the Snog counter in Westfield, while my mum, sis and I queued up for delectable milkshakes at another stall about 20 feet away. When the boys returned, they were licking their lips, already, and wore silly grins on their faces.

I suppose M really does like tart desserts. I am not in love with Snog and prefer Frae yogurt, but with a tagline like that (Snogging is good for you), I always end up buying a cup when I’m shopping at Westfield. Ahhh, the power of marketing.

Anyways, if you like tart froyos, give Snog a shot for a refreshing break from all the walking you did in Westfield.

P/S: What’s with froyos and their cute taglines anyway? Snog has one, and so does Frae. They really do reel people in.

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Snog is located at:

Ground Floor (close to MAC cosmetics), Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF


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