The Best Crêpes at Kensington Crêperie

I’m going to reveal the secret of my trade……

…….of entertaining visitors when they drop by London.

I take them to Kensington Crêperie for the best crêpes ever (well, actually, I could also take them to the original crêpe stand in Hampstead or the other sit-in branch in Marylebone), and have them order a Crêpe Complete or a Tartiflette. I personally prefer the latter (it has bacon, cheese, potatoes, raclette cheese, cream, onion, white wine) as the potatoes make soooo much difference to the flavour, but Complete is awesome too because I can choose to have a soft egg (!) to go with the ham and cheese filling. We chat about our lives and ooooh-aahhhh-mmmmm our way through the quick snack.

The best crepes at Kensington Creperie

Then we hop over to Natural History Museum, one of my favourite places, for a little tour. Allow some time to digest the lunch before we hunt for the Japanese minimart that is actually an earthquake simulator. Warning: We might get motion sickness. Then walk through the maze of brilliant exhibits, learning about our bodies, dinosaurs, the stars, our land, even diamonds, and finish off our tour with photo-ops at the very grand and outrageously beautiful Central Hall.

Hop over to Natural History Museum

And if we still feel cultured, we move on to V&A, or the Science Museum, which are nearby. If we’re feeling superficial, we grab our purses and leave for Harrods for a bout of shopping!

This itinerary hasn’t failed me (either that, or my guests are too polite to complain), so try it when you’re here. Reservations aren’t taken at the Crêperie, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a table. Remember to try the sweet crêpes too, if you have room for it, the portion’s pretty huge for a non-Londoner! And, bring your camera, because you might bump into Frank Lampard or Pierce Brosnan because these crêpes are really that good.

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Kensington Crêperie is located at:

2 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2HF

Natural History Museum is located at:

Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

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