All Things Ice Cream

We went grocery shopping last week and look what I found at Sainsbury’s! Vanilla ice cream cutting blocks, the very ones that ice cream men in Singapore sell! Man, I miss walking along Orchard Road in the hot sun, and stopping by one of the stalls to get my dose of ice cream sandwich. Of course I hunted for the wafers soon as I found the cutting block. M was every bit as excited as I was!

We made the ice cream sandwiches soon as we reached home. And they were so damn good, especially when the wafers (the brand’s Askey’s, getthemgetthemgetthem) were delightfully light and crispy. Note to self: Gonna hijack the Ice Cream Uncle to get a yam ice cream sandwich when I return…I really really really miss yam ice cream.

My take on desserts

Even though we snagged the ice cream block, we didn’t forget to plough through the ice-cream section of Sainsbury’s for super offers. Our efforts paid off because we got away with 2 pints of Häagen-Dazs ice cream (Belgian chocolate and strawberry cheesecake) for only £5! It got a little boring eating it out of the pint, so M being a food genius, as always, suggested cooking some tang yuan (sweet dumplings) and eating them with the ice cream.

My take on desserts

So I boiled some peanut and sesame tang yuan, tucked them lovingly into an ice-cold bed of Belgian chocolate Häagen-Dazs ice cream in my naughty Jamie Oliver mug and went straight into dessert bliss. Easy peasy, no need to rack my brains and boil peanuts till the cows come home for a syrupy soup base for the tang yuan, and no need to bore ourselves with plain ol’ ice cream.

Happy Are Us.

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4 thoughts on “All Things Ice Cream

  1. chouxcreme

    Woah~ Putting Haagen Dazs with Tang yuan! I want to try that next time too 😉
    And thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed looking through your food adventures too, and your pictures look great!


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