I Is Soba

M was away at a meeting, so I was left alone for dinner. And I was at a loss. I used to be very comfortable with eating alone. I could sit in a public place with a big platter of food in front me, and I wouldn’t care if people stared. But that was when I was single.

Soba - dinner for one

This sounds cliché but ever since I dated M, I enjoyed eating a lot more and I grew to appreciate food. I no longer eat to live, I live to eat. That’s when M is around for meal times.

When M is away, unless I have my family or friends with me, I lose my appetite. There’s no point cooking for one and there’s hardly any reason to put an effort into making the meal a good one. There’s no one to share the joy of dining with, so I often eat rather plainly when left to my own devices.

This evening, I stood at the mid-island in my kitchen, feeling a little lost and uncreative. So I reached for our stock of soba noodles, and made myself a bowl in tap-water-esque soup. I just couldn’t be bothered to even add soy sauce to the dashi soup base. I made this in ten minutes, and finished it in three.

Mehhhh, I don’t like to eat alone. And yes, The Pleasure Monger does have uninspiring meals.

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5 thoughts on “I Is Soba

  1. eunice

    i totally understand what you mean. i think the greatest joy a cook can have is to cook for and share it with loved ones, and conversely, the saddest is when there’s no one to share it with or no one to appreciate. at least you’re lucky enough that you have someone to share it with most of the time!

  2. miss ene

    miss ene also totally understands what the pleasure monger means about eating alone. It is indeed very MEH to be eating alone! Usually, I really can’t be bothered and lose my appetite as well. If I’m really hungry, I’d make myself instant noodles. Otherwise, I’d just eat a heavy lunch and then starve myself till the boy comes and then hope that he wants to head out for some prata. Heh.

  3. elaineteo

    fully understand. Eating meals alone just so boring and lonely, i miss having breakfast, lunch and dinner with my boy. =(


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