The Best Eye Product: La Mer Eye Concentrate

Valentine’s Day this year wasn’t without drama. Months before that, I was constantly complaining about the fine lines that were forming underneath my eyes and was incessantly angry with the bloody thing called age. Here I am, moving at the speed of light to cobweb-hood disguised as wisdom. Heck, my wisdom teeth have all erupted, isn’t that enough to say ‘you’re of age’?

On Valentine’s Day, my husband, M, surprised me with a gift, even though we agreed on a no-gift policy. We are not big fans, and have spent our past V-days either in two different countries when we were having a long-distance relationship, or cooking a special meal for two. This year, V-day was more elaborate for us. He took me to Hawksmoor to try out the much-touted steak (which kinda disappointed us because you really haven’t tasted steak till you had one at Peter Luger). And I was already happy that we ate in good company (read: each other). When we reached home, I was dead beat and walked straight to our room to get ready for a shower. Then he told me to close my eyes.

La Mer Regenerating Serum

He placed a tiny object in my hand, and when I opened my eyes, I was squealing with joy. It was a small tube of Regenerating Serum, the latest product from the Crème de la Mer range. I was very, very guilty too, because I knew how expensive La Mer products could be and started to grill him on how much he paid for a small tube of serum. As I questioned him, I examined the small tube and realised that it must be a sample. I was horrified and I asked him if he had been cheated by the sales people at the La Mer counter because samples aren’t supposed to be for sale. He looked equally horrified when I suggested that. I was incredibly tired that evening, so the next day I googled for the La Mer website to investigate. And it turned out that the Regenerating Serum wasn’t even out on the market yet as of V-day! I told M that he had to go back to the counter to demand an explanation as to why he had to pay for a sample. Then, he whipped out another gift.

La Mer Eye Concentrate

Not Tiffany blue, but it was close in my dictionary. I stared wordlessly at him, and cradled the box in my hands. I couldn’t open it until he shook me by the shoulders and cajoled ‘Go on!‘.

La Mer Eye Concentrate

Lo and behold, it was The Eye Concentrate from La Mer. I was stunned, for the lack of a better word. When I recovered from my stupor, again, I grilled him on how much he spent on the gift, and insisted that I had to pay for a portion of it because I knew this cost a bomb. He refused to tell me, but oh resourceful me googled for it anyway. I was right, it was insanely expensive. The most pricey beauty product I owned to-date. I felt really really bad and refused to use it because I felt that I wasn’t worth La Mer. Yes I have self-esteem issues.

La Mer Eye Concentrate

M was a little disappointed when I didn’t use it straightaway. He had to persuade me to open it, and after a couple of days, I caved.

The Eye Concentrate comes with a small silver-tipped applicator and this is how I apply it. I dab a small amount of cream with the applicator and place it on three points underneath each eye on the bone (not immediately underneath the eye), and 1 point above each eye socket. Each dab of the applicator in the bottle should give you enough cream for both eyes. I use the applicator to spread the cream from the outer corner to the bone underneath my eye to the inner corner and up to brow bone, and repeat this circuit 5 times. Using my middle fingers, I press and pat the residue into the same areas in the same direction for 2-3 times and finish off by lightly patting the fleshy bits (areas closer to my eye itself). Be careful not to get any product into your eye as it might block your tear ducts (and cause stinging!) and worsen water retention.

I used this product once every night for about 5 months now, and my, I was deliriously happy when my fine lines disappeared after 2-3 months of usage! I no longer have the problem of making the lines look worse when I use under-eye concealors and foundation, because the lines are gone!

This is the best eye product I’ve used to date, and even though the bottle is small and very pricey, you only need a very small amount each time you use it so it goes a very long way. This is one product that gave me the most visible results and it smells clean too (I love clean, light scents!). Even though it’s expensive, I probably don’t need to buy it often (unlike the other day eye product I use, which is always finished too soon!) and I think it’s a good investment as it worked brilliantly for me. It might work differently for you, so try to get yourself a sample off eBay or from the counters (which is a little difficult), hopefully the sample lasts long enough to give you results before you purchase the full-sized bottle.

P/S: The Regenerating Serum hasn’t done anything fab for me, perhaps because the sample was too small or because it was simply ineffective. If you’ve tried it, leave a comment here and let me know if it worked!

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10 thoughts on “The Best Eye Product: La Mer Eye Concentrate

  1. eunice

    you’re so lucky! i’ve not been able to convince myself that it’s worth it 😦 tho i have horrible eye circles… been using hylexin which is pretty expensive but not as expensive as la mer. but it’s not been that effective, tho it might be bcos i’m lazy and dun use it everyday! haha

  2. z

    You know i’ve always contemplated getting the Eye Concentrate (i have the same problem of fine lines undereye), but i’m thinking, if i start using the creme de la creme of beauty products now, what am i going to use when i turn 40?

  3. miss ene

    Oh wow! I was (close to) hyperventilating when I read that you received a La Mer product. I totally know how expensive it is because I enquired once at the Tangs counter and almost crumpled to a heap when the (very smiley) saleslady told me the price. Had to smile politely and slinker away while cursing under my breath at the CRAZZZZZZZY price.

    Now, I should go hint to the boy about those fine lines under MY eyes…. Hmm……

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      eunice: oooh try to use it everyday! i am very lazy with extra steps in skincare too, but with the la mer, i just didn’t want to risk it (and erm upset my husband…). i have dark circles too, and they are super obvious because i’m pale..i just checked my eyes in the mirror after you mentioned dark circles, and they are a lot less obvious too (even though I’ve been getting 5 hours of sleep a night), think la mer is helping!

      z: i know!! that’s my dilemma too..i’m operating on the principle that prevention is better than cure, and keeping my fingers crossed for that. why don’t you get a sample to try? when M got it for me, i was so scared that it wouldn’t work and it might waste his money, because i read other reviews..and they were mixed, but most agree that the cream is very light and incredibly hydrating without greasiness or ickiness, of course to pay loads for just a good moisturiser isn’t worth it. i am glad that it worked to take away the fine lines for me, so money wasn’t wasted. phew.

      miss ene: i stopped breathing when i received the wrapped up box. because M had planned for the sample to be a decoy. try the sample first, not sure if it comes with the applicator though…but at least you’ll have the cream with you to try! if it helps, i still have a lot of the cream left even though i’ve been using it, a little goes a very very long way as with most la mer products, i think.

  4. questionaire

    so your fine lines are still gone?
    im also in the search of a good eye cream.
    gel crem de la mer wasnt that spectacular for me. so i started using environ products and my skin is amazing now. except eye lines.
    pls answer.

      1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

        Hi! It worked on my fine lines. I don’t really have dark circles, so I can’t comment on that. Eye bags – I always had them since I was a kid and they are genetic for me, so I didn’t see any difference.

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