The Big & Small of It

We had another uninspiring dinner of pizzas at home yesterday, and decided to pamper our badly-fed souls with fresh strawberries, which are plentiful and in season now.

And look what we found in one of the six punnets we bought!

The big and small of strawberries

Aren’t they cute?! The biggest one is only the size of a 2-pence coin. It took a lot for me to eat them…I didn’t try the smallest green one, it’s small, yes, but I bet it packs lots of (sour) character for its petite size.

The big and small of strawberries

This is in contrast to our exciting discovery of humongous Spanish strawberries in Barcelona. Just look at the sheer size of it, it spanned the length of my palm, and the whole punnet was full of strawberries of this size. Two kilograms of all this for only €2.99, no kidding. We were there in Barcelona for 3 days, and we couldn’t finish even that one punnet, even though they were so unbelievably good. They were just too big and filled us up very quickly!

The big and small of strawberries

Berries are exceedingly cheap here, as compared to that in Singapore, and when they’re in season, they almost always sweet, juicy and they blush a beautiful red. We’re going berry crazy here, and I think we should discover more weirdo strawberries since we’re buying them, almost by the truckload! If only summer is here to stay….

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4 thoughts on “The Big & Small of It

  1. miss ene

    *LOL* Evolution of strawberries cracked me up. Speaking of strawberries, I tasted the SWEETEST strawberries in Hokkaido. We plucked them off the vine (is that the correct word?) and popped them into our mouths. Yums. And I don’t even EAT strawberries!

    (Yes, I’m still trying to convince you that you MUST MUST MUST MUST make a trip to Japan)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      they’re so cute, aren’t they? we were clearly feeling very bored when we lined them up, i could have gone on forever, thought i should stop at 4 strawberries…

      i don’t eat strawberries too! but the berries here are great during summer. and i only like korean strawberries in singapore because the ones my mum used to buy are always sweet.

      yes i MUST!! need to find the time…and moolah!


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