Outfits: What I Wore On An Unlikely Date


It was an unlikely date with my husband yesterday evening, unlikely on a few levels and for this, I dressed for a purpose. Let me explain.

1. We have been very busy, so Friday is almost always our only date night when we go out to chat and be lovey-dovey without talking about things that make our veins pop i.e. work. So having spent the week looking like a pig at home, I try to make an effort to wear some makeup, stick on the contacts, pull out my least creased outfits, and look human for M.

2. And no, we don’t always go to nice places for our dates, there’s a difference between dating as a I-just-got-to-know-who-you-are-and-would-like-to-impress-you couple, and dating as Mr and Mrs. HAH! We were off to Chicago Rib Shack, and were prepared to plunge our heads and stubby fat fingers (ok, mine are, his aren’t) into huge platters of meat, and emerge greasy, silly and so un-pretty. So I had to look human, whilst having my fingers and chubby cheeks fully susceptible to yummy meat juices as I sink my teeth into rib after rib, and I needed something to hide the annoyingly-noticeable tummy after a big meal.

There, dressing for a purpose on an unlikely date.

An oversized off-shoulder top to hide the tummy, grey tweed shorts for the summer, a big pale blue bag to tote tissues, powder, my bigass camera and my universe, no chunky rings on my fingers because meat juices aren’t good on pretty accessories, a metallic chain and embellished cuff in an attempt to lift the otherwise plain outfit out of the I-am-going-to-the-wet-market category. Done!

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8 thoughts on “Outfits: What I Wore On An Unlikely Date

  1. elaine

    but still looking good especially with that oversized tops! I likey that, not to mention it serve a good purpose in hiding those tummy after a good yummy meal! =)


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