Sexy Cakes by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini

I met a very sexy stranger in Brussels, and my husband wasn’t upset at all. In fact, he was very, very happy that I was so very, very delighted to have had more than an encounter with this very, very sexy stranger. Oh gosh, if there’s anything such as a perfect being, it would be this.

Pierre Marcolini

And this is all thanks to Pierre Marcolini, one of the top chocolatiers in the world.

Just look, LOOK, at how seductive this stranger is. Painted a glossy, scarlet red, enrobed in a chocolate corset, topped with the most immaculate macaron shell and a smooth dollop of mousse, and crowned with distinguished gold. It’s screaming for you to take it all off, to pull the robes apart, to see and taste what’s under that mysterious sexy exterior. And yet, you stop, because you can’t bear to ruin anything this perfect, you just can’t bear to touch it.

Oh but forbidden fruits are meant to be eaten, rules are meant to be broken, so they say. Take it apart, and you’ll find something that couldn’t be more decadent, complex and magnetic. Chocolate, custard, cream, macaron, everything you’ve always wanted in a catch. I present to you, the sexiest pastry in the world.

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Pierre Marcolini is located at:

Rue des Minimes, 1
Place du Grand Sablon – 1000 Bruxelles

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