Back in Singapore: First Up, Bak Kwa!

We’re nestled back in hot and humid Singapore for a short break, and because we haven’t been back for a year, our families met for collective food OD at Long Beach in East Coast the minute we touched down. Dirty, grotty and oily from the 13-hour flight, we were armed with hungry appetites and post-in-flight-meal-trauma to combat the heaps of food waiting for us at Long Beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the massive meal we had (way too much food for 16 people!). If you want proof, you can check out the size of my tummy, but I’d much prefer to keep it hidden and sucked in, if that’s okay. We indulged in chilli crab, garlic bamboo clams, crispy duck, spicy la la, dong bo rou, mee goreng, olive fried rice, steam fish, grilled fish with chilli, lots of local veggie dishes, Japanese melon, orh nee, longan tofu, and that’s not counting the dishes that I forgot. The meal was frighteningly overwhelming, even for foodies like us, but most of all, we were very happy to have a huge reunion dinner with both our families.

Bee Cheng Hiang Chilli Bak Kwa

No meal is complete without appetisers and a carefully contemplated afterthought, of course. My dear sister bought us a pack of sinful chilli bak kwa (more like bacon as it’s the pork belly!) from Bee Cheng Hiang, so we didn’t get too impatient waiting for the food at Long Beach. After dinner, we finished it all up for our little supper snack because our tummies were operating at GMT + 1. It was so good, and addictive. Spicy enough, fatty, sweet, savoury, incredibly aromatic and most of all, it left us fighting for the last piece! This I missed very much because we can’t really get good bak kwa in London, so pardon me for harping on something as common as bak kwa here.

Special thanks to my dear sister for being so intuitive on our foodie needs. More please!

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