I Love Singapore

15 years ago, on this day, I was a gangly nurse-uniform-clad student (no prizes for guessing which school I was from…if you need a hint, I had bad bad hair) performing with fellow schoolmates during the National Day Parade at the Padang. I was too tanned after 8 months of NDP practice under the hot sun, too young to appreciate the things that my home has to offer, and too narrow-minded to realise that life is a lot more than punching in birthdates of my crushes in electronic match-making devices.

Today, I am married for over a year now, I spent most of my life in Singapore,  lived in London for almost three years and I come back  home for holidays, always paler than when I left. Many things have changed, the skyline of Singapore is almost unrecognisable with new buildings sprouting ever so quickly, even I have changed over time. But some things remain as they are, and it is funny how perhaps, I should also add that my perception has changed.

I used to diss this and that when I lived in Singapore. I used to think life would be better elsewhere. Today, older, wiser and armed with battle scars that come with living overseas, I have learnt to appreciate everything that makes Singapore my home – the transport system, efficiency, cleanliness, familiarity, the good mix of tradition and modernism, safety, the glorious food, my family and my friends. We function to make Singapore a community, a habitable and pleasant place to live in, never mind the unforgiving heat, escalating prices of everything from public transport fares to food and the increase in number of ERP gantries. We get this in UK too, not the heat, but the bad of most things we experience in Singapore, and for some things, we get it much worse. Strikes that cripple the country? Nothing new. A minimum of S$16 for a plate of char siew rice? Hardly brow-raising. Inefficient service? All in a day’s work. High taxes? Let’s not even start on that.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course there are good things that come with living in UK. The incredibly diverse culture, the beautiful, bountiful land, the countless opportunities for work and play, I love all this, and I will always credit London with my newfound ability to live independently (and not just be a mummy’s girl) as well as eye-openers that I have been so fortunate to encounter.

But home IS home, and seriously, IMHO, we have it really good in Singapore. We are well-taken care of, yes yes I know we lack creativity and spontaneity and everything is red-taped and controlled to death, but there are pros and cons to living in any country. After experiencing life overseas, I’d very much take the cons here over that elsewhere, so I can live in a country that functions  mostly very well. So there, some of you may laugh, mock and tease me for my outright patriotism, but I do love Singapore and I’m not afraid to say it.

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore!


11 thoughts on “I Love Singapore

  1. eunice

    i totally agree with you.. was just listening to kit chan’s this is home truly cos a friend posted it on FB, feeling homesick 😦 enjoy your holiday in sg if you’re still there! btw, i went to the summerhouse for lunch today, been wanting to go since you posted about it. loved the ambience.. and since it was a weekday it was really nice and quiet. thanks for the recommendation!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      I’m still here! I do wish that I can have a real holiday like my hubby, but I’m actually doing my work here too =(. Still it’s better to be home than anywhere else. Whip up some local food to tide over your homesickness! *hugs*

      Nice! I love The Summerhouse, did you sit by the canal, and I hope it was sunny! When we were there, they had to let the transparent covers down as it was a little chilly. Hope you didn’t order the fish pie though…..that was really bad. lol.

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  3. Jasmine

    Over the years, particularly in the last few years, I’ve also learnt to appreciate Singapore much more…even more so after coming to Canberra earlier this year. It’s funny how I used to “hate” Singapore too when I was living in Brisbane a few years back. I guess perceptions really do change as we grow older 🙂

  4. Irene

    Well said. Home is home no matter how many years we spend overseas. This is coming close to the end of my 8th yr in Australia but I still miss the singaporean food and weather ( yes the tropical heat).

  5. Irene

    Unfortunately not. My husband’s family is based in Sydney. I thought the bi-annual trips home when I was in uni were a temporary fixture. But it doesn’t look the case anymore.


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