Our First Wedding Anniversary

Time flew since our crazy days of wedding planning and we’ve been married for a year! We timed our flight back to Singapore such that we wouldn’t be stuck in the plane, and managed to celebrate our first wedding anniversary over dinner at Au Petit Salut.

We didn’t do very much prior to the dinner, it felt like any other relaxing day, which was nice for a change because (a) we’re usually too busy to feel relaxed and (b) we felt there wasn’t a need to feel stressed about planning for a big celebration. Being in each other’s company, really sitting down to chat idly about how our lives have changed since we met, was the best way to celebrate.

Anyway, back to the dinner experience. We’re not here to talk about my undying love for my husband, and his endless devotion to me, and all that goosebump-inducing stuff in between. We’ll save that for our sweet nothings. Lol.

Wedding Anniversary dinner at Au Petit Salut

Dinner wasn’t particularly impressive, in fact we were rather disappointed with the meal, having had much better Western cuisine in London. The ambience was nice enough at Au Petit Salut, suitably quiet, peaceful and secluded, with free parking to boot! Service was average; I say this because the waiter forgot M’s glass of red that he ordered, and mostly, I felt that the waiters were there only in person, but not in spirit, if you know what I mean.

Wedding Anniversary at Au Petit Salut

We tried the Chef’s Special, which was a four-course set menu priced at S$98++ per person. We both went for Hokkaido scallops and foie gras for our first two entrées. The scallops were rather refreshing and a good way to kick off the dinner. I liked the sweetness of the scallops juxtaposed with the savouriness of the tiny drops of caviar and tartness of the capers. I reckon this was our favourite dish for the evening. The foie gras was really quite badly done in my opinion, it was rather curdled in texture, nothing like the smooth richness we would expect from a well-prepared foie gras dish. It was sitting on a bed of baby spinach, which to me, did nothing to complement the foie gras. It felt like a thoughtless dish, with the spinach more like a garnish than anything else, and with the foie gras added to justify the amount of money we’re paying.

M also realised it was a huge mistake to try the beef tenderloin, having had really awesome steaks at Peter Luger and JW Steakhouse; he thought his main course was a waste of time. The polenta sticks were an interesting change from the usual steak-and-chips combo, but while they surprised us, they tasted more like tidbits and junk food, something that shouldn’t be sitting on any plate in a restaurant like Au Petit Salut.

I wasn’t in the mood for something as heavy as lamb, and so I went for the cod fish fillet instead. The flavours were well balanced, and it had potential to be a great and safe summer dish if not for the overcooked fillet.

Wedding Anniversary at Au Petit Salut

There wasn’t a choice for dessert and the default was the chocolate finger sponge with crunchy pralines and vanilla ice-cream. A rather uncreative dish, yes, but anything safe, predictable and comforting that might come with chocolate was lost in the excessive sweetness and lack of chocolatey goodness. The praline in the chocolate finger was a saving grace, I always love praline and always will, but still it wasn’t enough to end the meal on a good note.

We went home more than S$200 poorer, largely unsatisfied, but at least we had each other for company. Most of all, we celebrated the spirit and magic of marriage, that is to be with each other in any situation and still emerge happy, united, comforted and assured that there will be many more blissful, fulfilling years to come.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, darling! I’m looking forward to growing old and wrinkly with you, even if we have bad meals for the rest of our lives.

P/S: Please pardon the quality of the pictures, it was really dark and orangey in the restaurant and I tried my best to make the pictures as brightly lit as possible for this entry.

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Au Petit Salut is located at:

40C Harding Road, Singapore 249548


5 thoughts on “Our First Wedding Anniversary

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  2. Joy

    Congrats, gal! You look great as usual and those curls and the dress rocked! Cheers to your 1st year anniversary – you both look cute together!


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