Outfits: Missus in Curls and More

This was what I wore for our first wedding anniversary celebration at Au Petit Salut. I absolutely loved this dress from BonitoChico (I can’t remember exactly, but it was probably about S$30), so comfortable, classy and easy to wear. I played up the simple outfit with vintage-looking gold and black earrings from Warehouse (only £2), and my favourite chunky diamante ring from Accessorize (£10). I also slipped on these awesome black stilettos from Vincci (bought at only S$50 from Penang, looking totally designer-ish and very comfy for its height!), but I don’t have a full-length mirror, so no pictures of it here!

Outfit for Wedding Anniversary

Also tried to spruce up my usual boring look by curling my hair. My hair is annoyingly thick and I tend to risk looking like a poodle when I style my hair (which is why I usually leave it as it is or tie it all up in a ponytail), but thank goodness, this rare attempt turned out alright. I didn’t have any hair products lying around at home, so it went kinda limp by the end of the dinner, ahhhh, the power of humidity. Here’s a picture of my hair, ‘fresh’ after curling.

Outfit for Wedding Anniversary

It was fun to play dress up, wish I have the motivation to do so more often!

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