Shaved Ice (Not Cream) at Ji De Chi

I have been craving for shaved ice years since I first had some in Taipei and we stopped by the Ji De Chi (记得吃) branch at Jurong Point for cold dessert on a ridiculously hot day. My mum and sister spoke highly of the mango cream with pomelo and sago and I stupidly ignored their recommendation for the sake of shaved ice.

Ji De Chi Shaved Ice

Also known as 雪片, this yummy dessert tastes like light and flaky morsels of ice cream, kinda like what Twirl does for Cadbury chocolate. It’s practically ice cream, only shaved into the lightest and fluffiest texture! I was hooked on the peanut butter, green tea and black sesame ones in Taipei, so it was no surprise that M and I went for the latter two flavours (they don’t carry the peanut butter ones here…).

Unfortunately, while the desserts came looking very promising with the towering heaps of shaved ice and generous servings of red beans, pearls and nata de coco, they were rather disappointing. The drizzle of sauce over the shaved ice was sickeningly sweet with a distinctive taste of chemicals. Green tea didn’t taste like green tea, although the black sesame one fared better. Both had icy, instead of creamy textures (I abhor icy ice cream desserts…). The toppings of red beans, pearls and nata de coco did nothing to save the shaved ice.

I really, really want to run back to Taipei for honest-to-goodness shaved ice (cream), with none of that topping nonsense (only adzuki beans are allowed in my dictionary. If anyone has recommendations), please drop me a line!! x

Anyways, if it helps, none of the other diners had shaved ice, they seem to be enjoying bowls of hot desserts and mango sago (wise people like mum and sister….). Tough luck for us!

UPDATED: A reader has kindly highlighted to me that the Hong Kong version of shaved ice is different from the Taipei version. Ji De Chi serves sweet delights from Hong Kong, so I probably shouldn’t have compared it to the one I had in Taipei. Apologies for my ignorance here!

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Ji De Chi is located at:

63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-102/103/104 (JP2)
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648331


6 thoughts on “Shaved Ice (Not Cream) at Ji De Chi

  1. Z

    There’s this dessert shop at Chinatown, which now has a branch at b4 at Ion which sells great green tea shaved ice. I can’t remember the name though, sorry!

  2. doreen

    Oh yes! That shop is at the basement. HAHAA I know exactly which outlet Z is talking about but I can’t remember the name either.

    Btw, I read your previous post about your uniform like a nurse?? And you had short hair in high school? I was wondering….. Are you talking about Anglican High? LOL Cause I’m from AHS too!!! I graduate last year HAHAHAHA, and I heard that AHS girls used to have short hair. Not sure!

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      I actually visited the outlet about two days ago, will be doing a review soon as I get round to blog about the other things I ate….gonna take a while, oh my!

      Nope, I’m not from AHS…=p

  3. tantan

    Hi, I hv been enjoying jidechi snowy ice at No 8 Liang Seah Street #01-03 . I hv at Ion and Hereen cant compared to Jidechi. My friends & me enjoy Jidechi’s good creamy taste Mango and Strawberry Snowy Ice topping with their Magic Passion Pearls. Cheer!

  4. angmoh

    I am a big fan of Snowy Ice and have tried all the places listed in the comments so far. Ji De Chi’s is easily the best – the ingredients are really fresh and it compares favourably to the ones in HK! Cheers!


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