My Favourite Brunch Foods at Old Town

I’ve been craving some good ol’ Chinese brunch since I could remember in London, so we headed out for some of my favourite Ipoh Hor Fun at Old Town White Coffee in Bukit Timah. This isn’t just any ordinary Ipoh Hor Fun, I used to hate the thick and gooey sauce that Food Junction’s version of Ipoh Hor Fun is drenched in, so much that I would throw a tantrum as a kid when my parents wanted to have them for dinner. Urgh, repressed memories. Have I also mentioned that I have a general tendency for carbs in the form of rice and not any form of noodles, especially when it’s served in a hot soup? Why perspire over your food, if we’re already living in a tropical climate?

But the Ipoh Hor Fun at Old Town? I LIKE!

Old Town

The thin, delicate slivers of kway teow are served with chicken shreds and prawns in a clear and tasty soup base, that wins me over with its simplicity of ingredients. For those of you who have been to Penang and had the great fortune of trying Kway Teow Thng (or Kway Teow Soup, one of the two noodle-in-soup combo that have the privilege of travelling down my oesophagus to my happy belly; the other is Penang assam laksa, FYI), this is somewhat similar. Whenever I head to Penang, Kway Teow Thng ranks on the top of my must-have list. I could have bowls and bowls of it, and not feel sick. Since I don’t have the time to stop by Penang this trip, I satisfy my craving with the Ipoh Hor Fun at Old Town, which to me, is the next best alternative.

Old Town

And what’s a Singaporean brunch without soft-boiled eggs carefully dotted with soya sauce and a dash of white pepper?! My love for eggs is well-known amongst friends. My very intense and passionate love affair with soft-boiled eggs? Even my hubby approves. I can’t quite make soft-boiled eggs the way my mum or Old Town can, unfortunately, so somebody please bring Old Town over to London!

Which brings me to a rather sad note, I’m heading back to London soon-ish, so I’m going to miss family, friends, food and home sweet home, very very much.

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Old Town White Coffee is located at:

9 Yuk Tong Ave, Singapore 596314

4 thoughts on “My Favourite Brunch Foods at Old Town

  1. elaineteo

    i always take their Nasi Lemak when i patron, and Ipoh Hor Fun if it’s raining day, cause the thick broth is just too appetizing! i miss this place! =)

    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      elaine: yes i have tried their nasi lemak before, but i have a newfound love for another famous nasi lemak stall in Singapore, will be reviewing it soon!

      foodtable: it’s also known as half-boiled eggs, the whites and yolks are runny, and are perfect with toast. just dip the toast in the eggs, and enjoy!


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