Outfits: Experimenting with Statement Dresses

Gone are the days when ladies splurge huge amounts of cash on long evening gowns in order to look decent for weddings. These days, the glamour and privilege of donning long gowns often belong to the women in the families of the bride and groom, but this doesn’t mean that we, the unrelated, aren’t allowed to look, at the very least, okay. It also helps that short cocktail dresses are no longer frowned upon in a formal setting, and that many retailers, both off- and online, are offering average to good quality dresses at very affordable prices.


If you don’t know already, one of my favourite places to acquire cheap and good dresses is BonitoChico (I usually wait for and skim through their backorders at my leisure, I don’t even try to fight for the pieces in launches…). Whilst most of their dresses are unbelievably short for my height, I still managed to find a few pieces and at less than S$30 for most dresses, I can’t complain. I’m not a designer-crazy person, perhaps with the exception of bags (I have a serious bag fetish, but I do limit my collection to only a few key classics owing to budgets) and also due to the fact that I don’t believe in spending (unable to spend as well…) crazy amounts on clothes that might suffer a quicker demise than you can say ‘next season’.

For a friend’s wedding recently, I was happy to find a dress from BonitoChico that is a departure from my usual boring look. It is an asymmetrically-cut purple dress, with a tulip hem. The bold criss-cross contrast details make it interesting, less mainstream and removed the need for any accessories. I only had to don the earrings and watch (which were wedding gifts from my parents and my in-laws, respectively, finally a chance to wear them!!), carry a Chanel classic and step out in my cheaper-than-cheap Vincci black stilettos for a look formal enough for a wedding. I didn’t even bother to curl my hair as I thought I might end up looking too made-up for a statement dress like this.

If you are worried about experimenting like me, try looking out for statement dresses at super affordable prices, this fashion strategy seems to work for me in looking less boring!

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7 thoughts on “Outfits: Experimenting with Statement Dresses

  1. elaineteo

    looking stuning!! But their dress i always feel that it is too short for me, yet all so pretty…sad that can’t buy! hahaha!

  2. Syl

    i have the exact same dress in purple! but i’ve yet to wear it for a different reason… i have a serious problem working the side zip up when i’m wearing it, but it’s perfectly alright off of me! =(

    do you have the same prob or is this a sign that i’ll need to lose weight?? *horrors


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