Goodbye, Singapore

It’s almost time to return back to London. It seemed like a few days ago when we just landed in Singapore. We drove past Marina Bay Sands as we made our way home after dinner, and M and I couldn’t stop wondering out loud on how much Singapore has changed in the year that we’ve been away.

Marina Bay Sands

Every turn we make in our food and visiting expeditions in this place called home, something new has sprouted somewhere, and we wonder how much more different things will be when we return who-knows-when.

Marina Bay Sands

There are plenty of new things that I have yet to try. I haven’t been able to visit Marina Bay Sands, or try out enough macarons here. I haven’t had the time to dine at so many of the places that have been suggested to me by readers and friends. The list was just too long, and if you need any evidence of me working through the list, you might like to consult the digits in my weight.

I’m feeling sad that it’s time to say goodbye. We felt that we didn’t have enough time to catch up with everyone. Being married and all that has gifted me another wonderful family too, and M and I have exhausted our means trying to spend sufficient time with everyone we hold dear to our hearts.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’m feeling down in the dumps about this. It means that we’ve spent some really awesome times with everyone here. To our friends who are reading this, we’re sorry that we haven’t been able to meet everyone we hoped to see.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to be back in Singapore, but for now, we trudge back to London with a heavy heart, knowing that we have to go through with the new challenges waiting for us in UK, in order to return home and stay home, one day.

Chasing the dream, that’s what M calls it.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Singapore

  1. eunice

    awww i’m so envious of you! glad you had a great time back home… warn you first, the weather here has been far from great… summer has ended, the grey and rain have descended ūüė¶

  2. Quee

    Hey Rach..

    All the best in the coming year! Exciting times ahead for you and M. Please take care yah? Thanks for taking the time out to meet up! Have a safe trip back to the UK. =)


    1. The Pleasure Monger Post author

      thanks quee!! it was so nice to see you, PW and baby A!! such a lovely family and she’s soooooo adorable and obedient! i’ll put the group photo up when i get my act together back in UK! see you soon, hopefully!

  3. Quee

    mmm I beg to differ on the obedient part HAHAHAHA… She’s a naughty little one… Oh yes photos pls! =) That would be great! See you soon too! You know the year will just fly by… too scary…


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